How to Restore Closed Tabs on Google Chrome

How to Restore Closed Tabs on Google Chrome

If you are browsing on Google Chrome (and most browsers) and later close the application, what you get the next time you launch it is the homepage. All the opened webpages and tabs running on the browser before closing it will not come up again. So you start from square one—the homepage—after re-launching the browser to start a new session.

However,  there are time you don’t want to start from square one. You want to continue from where you stopped your last browsing session. To do this on Google Chrome, you need to restore closed tabs, and this is what I will be showing you how to do in this post.

How to Restore Closed Tabs on Google Chrome

In order to show how how to restore closed tabs wor

ks, I have already opened three tabs—one for Facebook, one for HowToTechNaija and one for Nairaland. I will purposely close my browser, and then use the steps that follow to restore them.

Restore close tab
Image showing my three already opened tabs

The Steps

  • Launch the closed browser, and click on the three vertical dots towards the top right corner. This will show available options in the browser.

N.B: When you see three vertical dots or three horizontal lines on phones, tablets and computers, they stand for option.

  • After clicking on the three vertical dots, click on History. This will show the history box.

Restore close tab

  • On the history box, you will see a bolded option named Recently closed, and below it, you will see the number of the previously closed tabs.
  • Click on the number of closed tabs to restore them.

Restore close tab

The reason I have 3 tabs below the Recently closed in my history box was because I closed 3 tabs in my last browsing session. The picture below shows my closed tabs loading and trying to restore to the closed pages.

Click on the number of closed tabs to restore them.

Note that restoring closed tabs only restores last browsing session.


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