You Will Soon be Able to Export Passwords on Google Chrome

export passwords on Google Chrome

Remembering passwords; especially if you use different ones (which is advisable) could be a pain in the ass. Thanks to browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox, we necessarily do not have to remember all passwords as these browsers provides the option of remembering log-in details so users do not have to enter passwords afresh next time.

export passwords on Google Chrome

Users will soon be able to export passwords on Google Chrome as revealed by enthusiast, Francois Beaufort on Google+. Exported passwords will be available for download in a text (.csv) file which can also be imported easily into password managers. Normally, Google Chrome stores all saved passwords in a directly which can be accessed easily as described here. All passwords can also be accessed by login in to using your Gmail password.

There is no time frame yet as to when the ability to export passwords on Google will be officially available but the option can be accessed through Developer mode. Enter dev channel and search for “passwords” in Chrome settings, look for the 3-dot menu “Saved Passwords” and click “Export passwords”. All your saved passwords will now be downloaded in a text (.csv) file.

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