What is the Outlook for Corporate Mobility Solutions in the Next 5 Years?

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Enterprise mobility is a dynamic industry that has experienced a steep level of growth in the last few years. That trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

Between now and the year 2023, the enterprise mobility industry is expected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 22.89 percent.

Corporate mobility solutions are quickly becoming the easiest way for companies to streamline daily processes, boost employee productivity, and improve digital security.

Enterprise Mobility Improves Employee Engagement

Workforce budget allotment is one of the expenses that a business is likely to incur. Building a quality team of focused and talented workers is the best way to drive your company to success.

It’s no secret that technology has improved the workplace inside and out. But, that isn’t always the case. Increased dependency on digital devices can be detrimental to employee productivity and workflows – when it isn’t managed properly.

Enterprise mobility gives you a clear look at how your employees are spending time online. Improved task management tools, computer monitoring programs, and secure cloud-based storage accounts can help employees to stay present and on task.

Increased flexibility can also improve the flow of your workplace. Corporate mobility gives employees more freedom to complete their assignments where and when it works best for them.

Secure systems, such as content management and video chat programs, help to dissolve the rigidity of the traditional workplace. 

By having all of the documents and tools they need at their fingertips, employees can improve time management and creative processes.

Increased Security Saves Money and Clout

Data breaches are a major threat that every business should be prepared to handle.

BYOD workplaces are becoming even more common, which can save businesses thousands of dollars in equipment costs. But, this is only the case if you can ensure that those devices meet the right security standards.

Just one cyber-attack can cost your enterprise millions of dollars. Cyber criminals are advancing faster than businesses can keep up with, so it’s crucial to actively keep your company ahead of the game.

Additionally, a security breach could damage your company’s reputation. Customers are less likely to trust a company that has experienced a data loss scandal. Losing customers can lead to a loss of revenue and brand visibility.

Losing some of your clientele could be the least of your problems if your mobile devices aren’t being used securely. Depending on the data your company handles, you could also face legal issues.

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Interconnectivity Streamlines Project Management and Communication

Inefficient corporate communication can be more than just an annoying part of office life. It can also cost your company time and, consequently, money.

This is a primary reason for the massive amount of growth that has occurred in the enterprise mobility industry. Businesses want to improve operational processes, without the cost of employing a separate project management team.

Project managers are important assets for many companies, but they don’t address everything that corporate mobility does.

Mobilizing your business can help you save time on a variety of tasks. Enterprise mobility solutions help workers with everything from soliciting project approvals, managing remote teams, addressing outstanding action items, staying up-to-date on information security, and preventing technical issues from bringing office operations to a halt.

Collaboration and Flexibility Help Workplaces Thrive

Remote work used to be limited to travelling salespeople, but now it’s the norm for most major corporations.

Today, 63 percent of businesses employ remote workers. The saturation of freelance work is rising, too. Employees are looking for more flexibility, and a more accommodating work-life balance.

Employee morale can make or break an office environment. Businesses can keep their workers happy while also saving money and resources by simply integrating a corporate mobility solution into their workplace.

There are a variety of reasons for this spike in interest regarding enterprise mobility systems. Businesses can benefit immensely without making an investment that will set back trajectory of the company.

If you haven’t already mobilized your workplace, you could be holding back your company’s potential for growth and innovation.

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