Nokia 106: HMD Global Brings Back the Legendary Snake Game

nokia 106 specs

Nokia 106 has been announced by HMD Global. The feature phone comes as a very affordable device that is designed to permeate the global phone market. With a 1.8-inch screen size and a 160 x 120 screen resolution, there is no better phone to play the popular Snake game.

The new feature phone supports dual SIM and has a long battery life. The best part is that Snake has never looked and felt better! Another good point with this device is that it is capable of storing up to 2000 contacts and 500 SMS messages.

Were you expecting megapixels? Nope. These are the major features of a phone billed for its market.

According to HMD, the battery of this device can last “from sunrise to sunset with a single charge” which is nothing to celebrate. Phones should be made to last from sunrise to sunset, by the way. In practice, it can last up to 15.7 hours on a single charge if actively used.

When put on standby, however, the Nokia 106 can last weeks, specifically, 21.9 days; that is three weeks according to what we saw on the spec sheet.

Most people will only get the Nokia 106 as a second phone or business line to make phone calls, send short messages, and nothing very serious.

nokia 106 snake game

If you want to make use of this device to listen to the radio, it is able to last about 36 hours on a single charge.

The Nokia device is powered by a MediaTek MTK 6261D CPU and runs Nokia Series 30+ software. It has a local storage of 4 megabytes, and the RAM is also 4 megabytes.

Nokia 106 comes with a battery capacity of 800 mAh which makes the feature phone weigh over 70 grams. The device comes with a micro USB charger and a headphone jack.

In other news, HMD will be releasing two new colours of the Nokia 230 – light gray and dark blue.

The Nokia 230 and the Nokia 106 are already markets available.

Nokia 106 Key Features

  • Screen size: 8”
  • Resolution: 140 x 120
  • Storage: 4MB ROM; 4MB RAM
  • Processor: MTK 6261D
  • Software: Nokia Series 30+
  • Battery: 800 mAh (Standby – 21.9 days, Active – 15.7 hours)
  • Contacts Capacity: 2000
  • SMS Capacity: 500
  • Dual SIM: Yes
  • Micro USB: Yes


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