Netflix Now Lets You Remove a Movie or TV Show from ‘Continue Watching’ on All Devices

remove from netflix continue watching row

Netflix is finally letting you declutter your messy “Continue Watching” row. The feature was rolled out on mobile devices last July but is now available globally on all devices including the web and on TV.

Users can now remove a movie or TV show from the Continue Watching row on Netflix with a button click. When you click on a movie or TV show already on the row, you will see a new “Remove from Continue Watching” button from the available options. When you remove a movie or TV show from the row, you can still change your mind or undo that by clicking on the back arrow button.

On the web, when you go to the Continue Watching row and hover your mouse icon on a movie or TV show, you will see an “X” icon which represents “Remove from row”.

It’s time to tidy up that mess you have in your Netflix’s Continue Watching row, hop in now and stay fresh.

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