Microsoft Surpasses Apple as US Most Valuable Company

Microsoft market share

Microsoft today surpassed Apple as the most valuable American company with a market capitalization close of $813 billion. Apple fell behind by about 1 billion-dollar trailing Microsoft to come in second place. The last time Microsoft attained this position was back in 2010 but it currently has more investor confidence than Apple.

Back in August, Apple became the first US company to reach a 1 trillion dollar market cap, with Amazon also achieving the same milestone not long. Apple’s struggles, however, are well documented with its new iPhones, the XR, XS and XS Max not performing well in the market.

All isn’t as it seems and market capitalization does not say all about these companies. Microsoft have had its own up and downs but it’s still able to convince investors, unlike Apple which is not meeting investors’ expectations. Nevertheless, Apple is a valuable company and its struggles, however, does not put it in any danger for the foreseeable future.

Microsft’s Xbox gaming console may be lagging behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of sales but it’s still doing well with unique features such as the backward compatibility and the company is working around a streaming strategy and major studio acquisitions which will be line with its Azure cloud service and the thriving office 365.

Apple recently refreshed its MacBook Air line alongside new iPad Pros and Mac Mini. Its laptops are well embraced by professions although Microsoft’s Surface Pro line is gradually winning hearts. Next year will certainly be a big year for both companies with the rivalry set to continue when Q4 figures revealed.


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