Unveiling World Largest Hard Drive

Unveiling World Largest Hard Drive Seagate Baracuda Pro

If you are among the people that still brag about having a disk drive of 500GB or 1TB on your computer; I must tell you that your bragging days are over.

Yes. It is over, because the world largest consumer hard drive has just hit the market and it is ready to bury lower size drives.

The new 10TB Seagate Baracuda Pro hard drive would be the first hard drive with the largest capacity for desktop/laptop computer users.

However, It is worth knowing that business enterprises are already using using hard drive with this capacity.

In the release message, Seagate stated that the drive was built to help consumers better manage and store the massive amount of data they consume.

The release of the Seagate Baracuda Pro was done in addition with other 10TB drives like Seagate IronWolf and Seagate SkyHawk. These three drives are called the Guardian Series by the leading drive marker.

Seagate Baracuda Pro is designed for PC users, the IronWolf is for NAS Application while the SkyHawk is designed for storing video-surveillance data.

Unveiling World Largest Hard Drive Seagate Baracuda Pro

Features of Seagate Baracuda Pro

Capacity: 10TB

RMP (Revolution Per Minute) : 7200 (1800RMP faster than the conventional 5,400RMP drives)

Size: 3.5 inch

Data Transfer Rate: 220MBps

Connector: SATA

Price: $534.99

This drive is perfect for users that keep archives, especailly people that would love to exhaust Youtube archives by downloading Youtube videos for offline purpose.

My question is what will you do with this drive If you lay your hand on it?

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