Amazing in and out: New itel A32F smartphone is one of a kind

itel a32f specs

One of Africa’s leading OEM brand itel recently launched another amazing smartphone into the market and this device which is nicknamed itel A32F, is itel’s first affordable smartphone with a top-of-the-line finger print scanner.

Before the launch, many tech pundits and some rumour mongers declared the device as one in which users should anticipate and true to their words, the device is one to be owned.

itel a32f

Living up to the expectations of what itel is known for- its reliability, durability and being affordable, the itel A32F will give smartphone enthusiasts more than what they bargained, as the features that comes with the device is extremely ready for work.

Security at its peak! – itel A32F

The device which is itel’s first entry-level smartphone with a finger print security sensor, is not only big on the security department but also big in other specifications, but it’s very important to note that the finger print security scanner for a smartphone as affordable as this one is quite rare in most entry-level smartphones – so, this is definitely a plus for itel.

Good Camera quality

In the camera department, the camera setup on the device may not be so big on the pixel front, but with its averagely good 5MP +2MP front and rear camera respectively combines good camera features with a ravishing display and there are some massive improvements on the specifications, battery and storage capacity. All these are wrapped in an attractive aesthetics.

Display and Design

Forget it, the new itel A32F is a beautiful smartphone. Its matte unibody fits perfectly in the hand. I personally think the design team at itel Mobile did wonderfully well on this device.

itel a32f specs

The 5.0-inch display is sharp and bright, and its amazing glass screen also gives the device the perfect protection against cracking even if it falls from the hand.

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  1. Not a single person I’ve shown the itel A32F has been able to correctly guess the price from just looking at the device. First person told me it was around 34,000 naira. Second person said 30,000 naira but I had told them the specs. The official price of the phone is 20,500 naira.

    It is at pricing where itel really got it right for me. Why? Well, one, it is cheaper than the Nokia 1 which has the same specs, but a smaller screen and no fingerprint scanner. Two, it is cheaper than almost every other mentionable Android device while offering the latest version of Android (Android P isn’t as yet official). And three, it is almost getting into Feature phone pricing as we’ve seen feature phones costing as much as 17,000 naira with the revamped Nokia 3310. So, without even delving into how it performs, you’re already getting a good deal.

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