Instagram is Bringing Back the Chronological Feed, says Head Adam Mosseri

Instagram take a break

At a Senate hearing today, Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the social media app is bringing back the chronological feed. Mosseri testified at a Senate panel answering questions concerning the safety of young people on the app.

We believe in more transparency and accountability and we believe in more control. That’s why we’re currently working on a version of a chronological feed that we hope to launch next year,” Mosseri replied after being asked if he believed people should use the social media platform without “being manipulated by algorithms.” After the hearing, Mosseri also took to Twitter to sayI believe a place where you can see everything from the accounts you follow in chronological order is an important thing.”

Instagram introduced the algorithm-controlled feed in 2016, a feature many users complained about. Based on a user’s activity on the app, the algorithm shows posts on the feed which many did not like but nonetheless improved engagement for Instagram.

When grilled further about the company’s plans, Mosseri said Instagram has been experimenting with “Favourites”, a feature the company says lets you “decide whose posts you want to see higher up;” and the other feature being chronological order. As to when the chronological order will be coming back, Mosseri added “I wish I had a specific month to tell you right now, but right now we’re targeting the first quarter of next year.”

Instagram introduced a new “Take a Break” feature on Tuesday and also promised to add parental control tools next year. In response to this, Senator Richard Blumenthal replied saying “what you’ve suggested so far is underwhelming, that ain’t gonna save the kids from the addictive effects of your platform.”

It would be interesting to see how Instagram implements these changes next year, considering it has benefits higher engagement with the algorithm-controlled feed.

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