You Can Now Order Food on Facebook: Facebook Rolls Out New Feature

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How to order food on Facebook – Facebook’s new Order Food Feature. Facebook is rolling out a new feature in US called “Order Food” which allows users to order food directly from its mobile app on or the website itself without getting redirected to a restaurant’s app or website. According to Techcrunch; the feature is currently being rolled out to some select few and it is not clear as to when it will go global.

The new feature is an expansion of a deal announced by Facebook last year with online delivering services and Slice. Facebook has aggressively been pushing out new features on the Social Media platform and it would be recalled it made it possible for job seekers to search and apply for jobs on its platform.

Here is How to Order Food on Facebook

  • Make sure your Facebook app is updated to the latest version, if you haven’t, visit here to update.
  • On the mobile app, press the menu option beside the notification icon to see the Order Food It is represented with a white hamburger icon in a sky blue background and a colourful hamburger icon on desktop. To see this feature on desktop, check your Facebook sidebar.
how to order food on Facebook
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  • After taping the Order Food option, a list of local restaurant comes out with their featured pictures and start star ratings. Beneath the restaurants displayed, a Start Order option is shown which you have to click to bring the order.
order food facebook
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  • You are required to enter your delivery info such as address and contact; make payment to complete your order. The entire checkout process takes place on Facebook so you do not have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands.
  • Finally, your delivery gets to you courtesy Slice or
how to order food on facebook
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The feature is still in testing phase and some restaurants may not appear within you. If you ever get hungry while browsing Facebook in the US; that is how to order food on Facebook.

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