You Can Now Finally Pin Chats on WhatsApp!

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How to pin WhatsApp chat – Pinned Chats Feature Finally made official. Couple of weeks ago it was revealed WhatsApp was testing a feature which allowed chats to be pinned, the update has now finally being made official and as much as 3 chats can be pinned atop of your WhatsApp chat screen

Why pin a WhatsApp chat? Pinning a particular chat or chats makes the chat stay permanently atop of your WhatsApp screen without having to scroll down to check them when new chats from a different person comes to your phone. If you have a favourite person you like chatting with on WhatsApp every time, pinning your chat with the person means you will always see the person’s chat on top of your WhatsApp chat screen without having to scroll down.

How to Pin WhatsApp Chat on Android and IOS

For now, the feature is only available on Android. We do not know when it will be coming to IOS but it won’t be long.

  • Update your WhatsApp to the latest version on Google Play Store or click here.
  • Open your WhatsApp chats.
  • Scroll, tap and hold down on the particular chat you want to pin.
  • Tap on the pin icon above your screen as highlighted below.

how to pin whatsapp chat

  • The pinned chat immediately appears on top of all your WhatsApp chats with a faded pin icon.
  • You can pin as much as 3 chats.

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To unpin a chat, tap and hold down on the chat to highlight it; tap on the unpin icon on the top of the screen to removed the chat. IOS users will have to wait, but when the update eventually comes out; it is the same process as described above.

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