GTA VI Trailer Drops Tuesday, December 5th

grand theft auto v

In November, Rockstar Games finally announced that it will release the first trailer for the highly anticipated GTA VI in “early December.”. In an announcement on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, the company confirmed a release date for what could be one of the biggest video games of all time. The highly anticipated debut trailer for GTA VI drops Tuesday, December 5th at 9AM ET / 6AM PT / 3PM CET / 2PM GMT.

The announcement from Rockstar features an image that does not give too much away. The image shows an amazing sunset view, palm trees, and three birds flying together in the sky. While not much was revealed, the image setting confirms what has already been reported that GTA VI will take place in Miami, like Vice City.

For the three birds flying in the sky, it is difficult to denote its meaning but there is a theory that the trailer will be coming with Bob Marley and the Wailer’s “Three Birds” song as the soundtrack. While it is contrary to what has been reported about having 2 playable characters, Reddit users think the three birds might mean there will be three characters.

Rockstar Games is ramping up the anticipation and more teasers are expected to drop much later after the first trailer debuts on Tuesday, December 5th.

Image: Rockstar

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