You Can Now Hide Your Locked WhatsApp Chats Behind a Secret Code


In May, WhatsApp introduced Chat Lock, a feature that lets users hide their most private conversations behind a folder protected by the device’s password or biometric. To make the feature even better, the company is introducing a new secret code feature that makes the locked chats folder invisible from prying eyes.

WhatsApp shared some images on X (formerly Twitter) to explain how secret code works. Users can tap and hold on a chat conversation to apply a lock. Instead of using the phone’s password to lock a chat, secret codes can now be used in place. Letters, numbers, special characters, and emojis can be used as secret codes. To find a locked chat behind a secret code, all the user just has to do is type the code into the search bar to reveal it.

Announcing the feature on X, head of WhatsApp at Meta, Will Cathcart said,this is great for people who share phones and want to make sure locked chats can’t be seen by anyone else.”

The feature is rolling out now and should be available to everyone soon.

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