Facebook Introduces Threads, a Standalone App to Chat Instagram Close Friends

threads from instagram

Last year Instagram introduced Close Friends, an inner circle that lets you share contents and exchange messages with only the people that are really close to you. Today, Facebook announced Threads from Instagram, a standalone app that lets you share content and exchange messages with only the people on your Close Friends list without interference found on the main Instagram app.

With Threads from Instagram which is available for download on Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS, you can create a Close Friends list from the app in case you’ve not created one before on the main Instagram app. Threads allows you to share photos, videos messages, Stories and many more with people on your Close Friends list.

Threads from Instagram

Just like the main Instagram app, Threads has a dedicated Direct Messages section, however, this only shows messages from people on your Close Friends list. The notifications shown are also from those on your list alone. When you want to share photos or videos with Threads, the app opens directly to your camera so you can share instantly in just two steps.

Status Updates is Available on Threads from Instagram

Just like updating your WhatsApp Status, you can do the same on Threads from Instagram so your close friends can know what you are up to. There are suggested status updates, you can create your own if you want and there is an Auto Status which can be turned on to automatically share little bits of context on why you are without giving away your coordinates, says Instagram.

Auto Status - Threads Instagram app

Just like in WhatsApp, there are privacy controls to set who views your Status updates or not.

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