ChatGPT’s ‘Memory’ Will Now Remember Things You Discuss

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Having to always enter the same commands or information for an AI to get the desired response can be tiring. With that in mind, OpenAI is rolling out “memory” for ChatGPT. Memory will allow ChatGPT to remember the things you discuss in chats so it can give a suitable response without you repeating the same information provided previously.

In a blog post, OpenAI gave some examples of how memory works:

  • You’ve explained that you prefer meeting notes to have headlines, bullets and action items summarized at the bottom. ChatGPT remembers this and recaps meetings this way.
  • You’ve told ChatGPT you own a neighbourhood coffee shop. When brainstorming messaging for a social post celebrating a new location, ChatGPT knows where to start. 
  • You mention that you have a toddler and that she loves jellyfish. When you ask ChatGPT to help create her birthday card, it suggests a jellyfish wearing a party hat. 
  • As a kindergarten teacher with 25 students, you prefer 50-minute lessons with follow-up activities. ChatGPT remembers this when helping you create lesson plans.
Memory with ChatGPT

While this might sound scary, the company says the user has absolute control over memory for ChatGPT. Users can give prompts to ChatGPT to only remember certain things and this feature can be turned off completely in Settings > Personalization > Memory. Specific stored memories can be deleted or cleared at any time. OpenAI says ChatGPT’s memories will evolve through interactions with the user.

GPT4 users who don’t want memory can use the temporary chat in the menu instead of turning off the feature. OpenAI says privacy and security measures are in place, and the AI will not remember sensitive information such as health details unless explicitly commanded.

Memory is rolling out to a “small portion” of free and Plus users this week and it will be available to GPT builders when the feature is rolled out “more broadly.”

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