ChatGPT Can Now ‘Read Aloud’ Responses to You

openai - chatgpt plus

Last year September, OpenAI released an update that lets ChatGPT accept voice commands in addition to text inputs, in a recent update, the company has now released a new Read Aloud feature that will allow the generative AI to read out responses to its users.

The new Read Aloud feature is available on iOS and Android mobile apps for ChatGPT, and on the web. To use the feature on the mobile app, tap and hold on a response and select “Read Aloud” from the dropdown menu. On the web, you have to click the “Read Aloud” button below the message.

Read Aloud is available in 37 languages and ChatGPT will automatically detect the language in which the response is delivered to read it out in any of the available five voice options. The feature is available to both free (GPT-3.5) and Paid users (Chat GPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers).

In an additional update, users can protect their ChatGPT and API accounts with two-factor authentication. To turn on two-factor authentication, go to Settings, then select multi-factor authentication. Follow the command to proceed.

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