10 Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

volume booster apps for android

There are volume booster apps for Android that helps to increase the inbuilt audio function of your device. Android smartphones and tablets are perfect for watching movies and listening to songs but ut virtually all of them are not loud enough. To tackle this problem, volume booster apps have come to the rescue. Here are the best volume booster apps for Android you must try out if you want to take the volume of your smartphone or tablet to the next level.

Best Volume Booster Apps for Android

Easy Volume Booster

volume booster apps for android

Easy Volume Booster employs a custom algorithm for pairing with your phone to boost the media and system volume significantly. By downloading and installing this program, you will be able to enjoy more quality and stronger sound. The app is compatible with both phone speaker and headphones. It has an easy-to-use interface and can be downloaded on the Play Store for free, though it contains ads.

Download Easy Volume Booster from Google Play Store.Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro enhances the volume of calls, alarm, music, and other system sounds, allowing you to control sound points individually or as a unit. It provides tons of features and capabilities such sleek UI, a central control panel for volume control, etc. Volume Booster Pro is 100% free on Google Play Store.

Download Volume Booster Pro from Google Play Store.

Volume Up

volume booster apps for android

Built with a simple interface, this app is a powerful tool for conveniently increasing media volume on your handset. Volume Up features a volume slider for checking the volume of sound boosted and noting the default volume setting. When you are using the app, particularly with headphones on, try to boost your phone’s volume in a slow and gradual fashion to prevent any ear trouble. The app is free but contains ads.

Download Volume Up from Google Play Store.

Volume Booster by GOODEV

volume booster apps for android

One of the features that make this volume booster stands out is its easy accessibility. Once you download and install it, you can launch it with just a touch, and when on the app, controlling your device volume is all too easy. You can adjust sound clarity in the settings menu. It is surely among the best volume booster apps for Android OS, available on the market in 2018. It is great for listening to podcasts.

Download Volume Booster by GOODEV from Google Play Store.

Equalizer FX

volume booster apps for android

Equalizer FX comes with the popular Google Play Music. Majority of third-party audio applications are not compatible with streaming services, or only work with them as a paid extra, but Equalizer FX does not have such a problem. It works seamlessly without incurring any additional charge for users. To enhance the volume of your device speakers, you can make use of the “Effects” tab, containing the Bass Boost as well as Loudness Enhancer features.

Download Equalizer FX from Google Play Store for free.

VLC for Android

best volume booster apps

VLC for Android, a popular media player, is a handy volume booster if your low volume issues are limited to music and movies. With this tool, you can boost the sound as high as 200%. To enable the volume boost option on the app, head to “Preferences”, followed by “Video” and “Audio”. When you now start playing your music or film, tap the “Settings” option and hit the “Equalizer” icon to choose the Equalizer preset you prefer or create a new one.

Download VLC for Android on Google Play Store for free.

Volume Booster by Vintage Audio Tools

volume booster apps for android

This Android software has easy-to-navigate controls, containing a slider for enhancing the volume of your phone’s speakers significantly, and can be used with music and other media. Upon installation, a notification box will sit at a chosen place on your screen, which gives you quick access to the features of the app. For easy accessibility, Vintage Audio Tools has included 3 preset buttons, which are normal, loud and off, recommended to be used if you do not want to toggle the slider manually.

Download Volume Booster by Vintage Audio Tools from Google Play Store


Precise Volume

volume booster apps for android

Precise Volume allows you to set custom volume levels for various apps on your Android device. It features an equalizer function that enhances sound quality. You can use the precise volume function in the app for controlling volumes in degrees of 100 steps, which are more than the standard volume control of 15 steps in other boosters.

Download Precise Volume from Google Play Store

Sound Booster Plus

volume booster apps for android

Sound Booster Plus works efficiently with calls, alarm, music & movies, DTMF (keypad dialling sound), notifications (such as SMS, and email), and other system media. It is a user-friendly interface and can be downloaded on the Play Store for free.

Download Sound Booster Plus on Google Play Store

Music Volume EQ + Bass Booster

volume booster apps for android

This app has exciting features such as flexibility, 5-band graphic equalizer with great sound clarity, volume control as well as VU-meter. Its capabilities are compatible with all major music playback apps for the Android operating system like Google Music, Android Music Player, Winamp, MixZing, and so on. The app is best enjoyed with your headphone on.

Download Music Volume EQ + Bass Booster from Play Store


Some Android devices come with good audio sound and quality while some do not. There are times you have to watch or listen to a clip or audio file with very poor audio quality; if you ever find yourself in this situation do not forget to download any of the best volume booster apps for Android devices.


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