Top 3 Best Fake Location Apps for Android in 2019

fake location apps

If you ever need to spoof your location on your Android device then you should use either of the three fake location apps we would be mentioning here. Not many people care about faking their Android GPS location but people don’t like it most times when their favourite apps starts showing their location automatically. If you do are about spoofing your location, below are the best fake location apps you can download right now.

N.B: For these applications to work, you must turn on Mock Locations on your Android device. To do this go to Settings on your phone then navigate to About phone >> Build number. Tap many times on Build times until your phone displays “You are now a developer”. Now go into Developer settings and turn on “Allow Mock Locations”.

Best Fake Location Apps for Android – GPS Spoofing

  1. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

fake location apps

This app is widely used by a lot of people at the moment and it’s free to download from Google Play Store. Fake GPS Go Location overwrites your current proximity so your friends believe you are somewhere else. The app works without rooting your Android device.

Download here from Play Store

  1. Fake GPS

fake location apps

With just one click you can set your phone location to anywhere in the world with Fake GPS. Like other Spoofing app you have to turn on Allow Mock Locations from the Developer menu of your phone for it to work.

Download Fake GPS from Play Store here

  1. Fake GPS Location

fake location apps

This is another app that does the work of making people believe you are in another location easily. With just two clicks, all other apps in your phone changes GPS location as well. It is also free to download.

Download here from Play Store.

If you ever need to spoof your location on your Android device, these are the best apps to do this.

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