Battlefield 6 Will Run on Last-Gen Consoles

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Battlefield 6 will not be exclusive to next-gen consoles, it will also launch on the PS4 and Xbox One, Eurogamer reports. The game is expected to take advantage of the powerful hardware of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S but EA revealed in an earnings call to investors it will be available on last-gen hardware.

So yes, Battlefield will be available for both current-gen and next-gen as will our sports titles,” EA boss Andrew Wilson said.

Last year November, EA talked up the next Battlefield game as a “true next-gen vision for the franchise” and the company announced it had its biggest team ever working on the game in April raising speculations it could be a current-gen only game for consoles. In terms of marketing, it makes sense for EA to make the game available on the PS4 and Xbox One considering how difficult it is to secure next-gen consoles especially the PS5.

Explaining what the game will offer with its development targeting next-gen consoles, “the reference specifically from our prepared remarks is around the nature of gameplay,” Wilson said. “What we can do with fidelity of the game, what we can do with physics, artificial intelligence and the immersive nature of the game.”

And in the case of Battlefield, what we can do with respect to the amount of plays that we can have in the game and the nature of destruction of those only in Battlefield moments that are truly next-gen opportunities that we’re able to do in the context of our next-gen franchises, because of the increased processing power in memory and output of the new consoles.”

The official reveal trailer for Battlefield 6 is expected to be showcased in June. The Battlefield Twitter account teased on Monday.

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