Apple Teases What Could be Imminent Launch of Hi-Fi Audio on Apple Music

Hi-Fi audio teaser on Apple Music

Rumours of Apple adding a new “Hi-Fi” plan to its Apple Music subscription has been around for a while now, there were also hints about it in the code of iOS 14.6 beta and the Android app beta. Discovered by MacRumours, Apple has begun teasing what looks like the imminent launch of its new high-fidelity audio on Apple Music.

On the Browse tab of Apple Music, Apple is displaying a “Coming Soon” header with a tag line – “Get ready – music is about to change forever.” The message is accompanied by an animated Apple Music Logo.

The announcement could come as soon as Tuesday, May 18. Apple is expected to launch the new “Hi-Fi” audio tier which will give access to lossless audio, we could also see new hardware featuring a Spatial Audio experience.

There are rumours Apple could also launch its third-generation AirPods alongside the Hi-Fi audio. More is expected to be known soon.

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