Apple Announces $3,499 Apple Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset

apple vision pro

After months of speculation from various media outlets, Apple today at the WWDC 2023 unveiled its augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. The AR headset will go on sale early next year with a starting price of 3,499. The device is Apple’s first spatial computer, and CEO Tim Cook is heralding it as “the beginning of a new era of computing.”

The Apple Vision Pro can be used as an AR and VR device, and it works as a standalone headset without needing a controller. It is powered by the newly announced visionOS, and users can browse through apps by looking at them, tapping their fingers to select, flicking to scroll, or using voice commands. The headset supports the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad making, bringing the Mac workspace experience into a digital world.

In terms of design, Apple Vision Pro has a glass front and an aluminium frame, with five sensors, 12 cameras, and a 4K output for each eye. The glass flows into the aluminium frame covering the user’s face like ski goggles. Its modular system means it is flexible and can fit many head sizes. The technology of the headset is made possible by the M2 chip and a brand-new R1 chip.

While it is being used, people around you can still see your eyes thanks to an EyeSight system. In VR mode, the EyeSight technology also makes the screen glow, so people around know that the user is fully immersed. Apple Vision Pro can create a realistic scan of the face, which can be used during FaceTime, and users can project 3D objects into their virtual space.

The headset offers an immersive, entertaining experience. It can transform any space into a cinema with a 100 feet wide screen. According to Apple, it supports advanced Spatial Audio and can record videos in 180-degree high resolution.

The headset will go on sale in the US early next year on with a starting price of $3,499 before coming to other countries later.

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