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access bank mobile money transfer code - access bank customer care

If you have enquiries you can either get through to Access Bank customer care number or use the Access Bank online chat. If you are an Access Bank account holder, there are times when you have an issue and need to get it resolved. Access Bank customer care number is available to its customers 24/7 and they have competent agents ready to solve all customer complaints.

Problems Solved by Access Bank Customer Care Number Line and Online Chat

  • Information on Access Bank products and services.
  • Account balance enquiry
  • Card transaction issues
  • ATM card block request
  • Online banking enquiries
  • Online banking password reset
  • Stop cheque instruction
  • Card PIN re-issue request
  • Statement of account request
  • All complaints spanning across all Access Bank products and services.

Access Bank Customer Care Number Lines – 24/7 Availability

If you need to speak to Access Bank customer care on phone, dial any of the numbers below. You will need to have some sizable airtime on your phone because you will probably stay on the line for a long time.

  • +234 1- 2712005-7
  • +234 1- 2802500
  • 07002255222377

Access Bank Customer Online Chat – 24/7 Availability

If you are the online kind of person then this option is for you. It is actually economical to contact them online instead of making calls to them.

WARNING: I’ve seen people dropping complaints and posting their bank details here, this is wrong and we will not be held liable for any scam or deductions that occurs on your accounts by preying scammers. This is just a guide on how to get through to your bank’s Customer Care service. Be warned!!!

How has been your experience with Access Bank Customer Care Number Line and Access Bank Customer Care Online Chat? Drop comments below.

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  1. Pls my ATM was stolen at gun point today and they have transfered all the money in my account, pls what will I do

  2. Comment Text*please my account have been restricted due to BVN. but i already have a BVN number and i can not be able to visit any access bank now. Reasons been that there is no access bank branch close to me and secondly i have no money on me. please you people should help me because i don’t know what to do.

      • Good day
        I bank with you account number 0764083905
        Ekumapayi Risikatu
        I use POS yeaarday 21 of January 2020 debited my account but my receipt written do not honor but debited my account still waiting for reversal
        #2500 and 5100
        Please help

      • how do i activte my ussd code i have been try *901# it denied access please it very urgent

    • You has stolen my fees money too my louis fiacre kakpo loan as you not has refund back now you will pay for it now and I have sent you my bank account ducoment but you refuse to answer me back my policy review is been sent to the court now

  3. Why would 408 naira be deducted from my account for sms alart fee please. It’s either i close the account or my money back in my account. That’s too much indeed

      • I loan on 28 of Feb and deducted it back on d 4th of March,while I loan it back on 6th of March,they deducted it back 1st of April,and deducted my money again now on 5th of April again, pls I needs to know while my money is being deducted

    • My account was debited but i was not paid. The transaction has not been reveresed so that my account can be credited.
      Date: 4th April
      Diamond Bank, Trans-Ekulu branch ATM.

  4. kindly may i know from you if access bank can facilitate me to have a new tractor to repay within five years.
    may i know the procedure necessary

  5. I sent a mail to access bank customer care regarding my account statement as required by nysc but am yet to receive it. Pls kindly help me out as today is the dateline

  6. I sent a mail to access bank customer 00care regarding my account statement as required by nysc but am yet to receive it. Pls kindly help me out as today is the dateline
    Richard Thomas

      • Please I made a transaction to my diamond yellow account, and the money did not drop into the account, please I want a recall of the money into my GTB account, its a sum of 100,000, since 15th of October.

  7. Good morning access bank please I cannot receive an alert when I do my transactions and I don’t know what is the problem and again I cannot do transfer on my phone

    • How can make tranfer i chances my phone and i cant make transfer on my mobile app Costa i Have lost my number i use um opening it. I dont stay in nigeria

  8. Am having issue with my ATM card I opened my access bank acct when I was in camp as at Nov so yesterday 26th
    of Jan I received my allawee I tried transferring it into another account I received a reply DAT no acct found u need access bank acct I went to withdraw d reply I got is invalid acct and have validated the ATM card since Nov I don’t know what’s wrong and d only bank here is union bank.pls help

    • Please I made a transaction to my diamond yellow account, and the money did not drop into the account, please I want a recall of the money into my GTB account, bcos I transfered the money from GTB to my diamond yellow account. its a sum of 100,000, since 15th of October.please I want you to help me resolve this issue this week.I have been placing calls, going to the bank, all they keep telling me is we will work on it. Pls help me try and resolve this latest Friday. Thanks

  9. Gud evening access I opened access acct when I was in camp as at November I got the ATM card and validate it so yesterday I received alert I tried to transfer it and I got a reply that no acct found u need access bank acct I went to withdraw it with my ATM card and what I got is invalid acct and the only bank in this town is union bank pls help
    Acct No 0763230599

  10. Good day Sir/ma, pls. I was unable to transfer money from my account to other bank, even to purchase recharge card to other phone line, but i can buy for myself, it was done before but recently, they asked for last four digits number of my access bank card and if i provide it they will say invalid number, they used to request for last four digits number of my Bvn before and it was done then, but now it couldn’t get through. Pls what can I do? My account number is 0699705024 and account name is Adeoti Ajibade Olaniyi. Hope to hear from you soonest… Thanks.

  11. Pls I just sent a mail as regarding no payment from ATM but being debited 40000 on Friday 16 the February 2018 at First bank Atm, along PTI Road Effurun. pls I want a prompt response .My account number is 0036277791. Thanks

  12. Hi. I called these numbers which are supposed to be toll free and my airtime ran out. Still I wasn’t able to get through to any assistant. Why is there wrong information on your site please?

    • These are not wrong information, you probably didn’t listen very well and follow the computer voice prompt so a Customer Rep picks it up. You also have the option of sending your complaints to the email address provided here.

  13. Pls I sent *901# for transfer to another bank and the money was transfered into my Mtn vtu which I never apply for ,pls reverse the money into my account as soon as possible tnks

  14. I tried recharging from my access bank Acc today 11-04_2018 but was debited without the airtime, details below
    access>>>Debit Alert
    Amt: NGN 120.00 Dr
    Acc: 073****694
    Desc: USSD008324114öUSSDöTOP UPöAIRT
    Time: 11/04/18 ¡08:03 AM
    Bal: NGN

  15. Pls i have being using my phone to transfer from my bank to other account before but now no way,even if they direct me to press my last 4 digits of my atm card and after they will keep on telling that my card was invalid,several time no way,pls i need solution to this

  16. This is the second time I will make a complaint at Access bank about my money that was debit and that has not been reversed back. and remainder has been sent by customer care. please reverse the money back.

  17. Good evening pls I don’t understand Wat is wrong with my ATM Cox it doesn’t transfer ND it do says my card is invalid, Wat can I do. Kindly reply me pls

  18. pls sir/ma,l need ur personal assistance,l transfered money from UBA acct to access bank,And d access bank number was wrong number.pls, kindly help me .thanks

  19. an amount of money was sent to me and it’s taking forever to receive the alert.meanwhile I’ve seen the debit alert on the phone of the sender.its been more than 24hrs.pls help out.

  20. Good evening
    Am a 200level student of tai solarin university of education,ijagun ijebu ode, Ogun state. Nigeria
    A transaction was made on my account which i only withdraw money once, and the money was debited twice. Please i want to use the money for my school fee. And is closing on the 6th of June 2018. please i need immediate response .
    Acct no:0023614651
    Acct name: Kareem raufu aderemi
    Amount: 10000
    Bank: acces bank

  21. Am Christopher Umanah,i work for Exprotech Nigeria and i have been with Access bank right from Intercontinental bank.I applied for per day loan last Feb and i paid off but since then anytime i applied i will be told that i can only get 0 naira and my salary comes in every salary is 360 thousand a month


  23. Am Duru chika from mbaise I was doing transfer this afternoon so it wasn’t going due to little charges left it on later trying to transfer below the amount it started saying customer profile is been block again trying to transfer through 901 it says I HV no account then. What do I do bicos I need my account n my money am not a frauder

  24. Please can i transfer 300million naira from ghana through western union transfer to Nigeria.. I open the account in nigeria

  25. Please, on the third of this month, I made a payment with POS and I was debited but the payment did not go through, When I called customer care, I wasntoldmthat the money would be refunded after 24 hours, but I still haven’t received it.

    • I recharged 1000 from my acct yesterday and I was debited, but up til now no airtime has been credited to me, please help me..

  26. I made a transfer to an eco bank account but I wasn’t debited nor the person was credited so I entered the banking hall on broad street to make a complain.The lady assured me that the money was still in my Acc and that I could with the money to pay the person I got a dress from.I used the atm and paid the man.Getting home my Acc was debited again so I paid the man twice and now I dont have any means of locating him. Can I get access bank withdraw the money from the man Acc?its an economy bank Acc,you can please check all transactions made.

  27. I made a transfer to a skye bank account online and i was debited but the person claimed he didn’t receive the money. I generated a receipt and it shows the transaction was successful but the person still claiming he didn’t get the money. I’m not available to visit any branch as i’m currently out of the country. Please kindly advise what to do >

  28. I subscribe to my startimes from my AccessBank account this even around 6:39 pm and my account as been debited but was not credited in my startimes account. Pls refund my money. Thank Account No- 0058071416. Name Yetunde Ogundiran

  29. Good morning. I transfer 200 naira from my access bank 0016734748 to my Glo no 08153367577 just fifteen minute ago. Was debited without seeing the card on my phone.

  30. Good morning. I transfer 200 naira from my access bank 0016734748 to my Glo no 08153367577 just fifteen minute ago. Was debited without seeing the card on my phone. Wants to know why HV not see d card

  31. Am NYSC call member, I made a transfer of 2500 naira to another account, I was debited but the money was not transferred to the other account

  32. This is my account number 0766051739, access bank, Am a corper in ogun state NYSC, I made a transfer of 2500 Naira to another bank, but I was debited but the money was not transferred to the other account.

  33. I transferred #60000 to diamond account and 5000 to UBA respectively, the money has been deducted from my account but am yet to get alert and they have not received the money

  34. 1. USSD transaction fees (#660), just this morning was deducted from my access account without making any transaction. Please reverse my money.
    2. I recharged from my account and the airtime didn’t reflect in my account but money was deducted from my access bank and this has happened times without number. Please reverse my money.

  35. Been having serious issues with my account, the other day I went to an ATM to withdraw, I was not paid and it has not been returned yesterday, today my friend sent N5000 from a Zenith bank account, it was deducted from his account but not paid to me till now am still waiting for the alert,also have bought airtime which was deducted from my account but not sent to my phone and not returned, is it a crime to bank with you?, haba its not fair what did I do to you guys, its really not fair!

  36. Your life chat says “can’t connect to server”, balance enquiry via text message hasn’t been replied since early hours of this morning, balance enquiry via USSD code says “wrong pin” when pin is very correct. Access Bank, you need to put in a little more effort o. This is just so discouraging.

  37. please on the 7th of november i withdrew 4000 from an atm in ikotun and was debited but didnt receive the money due to network issuses.i havent been credited back up till now admi i need an advice on what to do

  38. Please I applied for the correction of my name through mail since 2 days now but have not heard anything and am using the account details in two days time.

  39. My name is olaosun oluwaseun
    I can no longer make online payment with my atm card and account
    I have been doing this before finding my wallet through paystack using my atm card or account
    For the past three days I have been trying it’s not working, please do something about it because am using it to fund my wallet for the online business an doing… Thanks

  40. Sir I used my debit (VISA card) to transact on-line and international payment. This is what they sent to me, The card probably does not have internet payments or SMS payments confirmation enabled. When I called them to know the error , they said that I should contact my bank to activate 3D secure feature on my debit card for on-line and international payment or transactions

  41. please I tried recharging my phone through access bank and it is saying my profile has been disabled and I am unable to create a security pin so that I can do transfers. what do I do

  42. My account have been restricted for weeks. I can process any transaction and I’ve visited the access bank branch and was told it will be resolved but haven’t seen any changes yet. Please how long will it take to fix this for Christ sake

  43. I can’t make transfer on my app, and I went to complains about it today.. I was given a form to fill and was also told that am going to get a msg soon on my phone. Till now I Havnt seen any text message

  44. I tried using P.O.S. to withdraw yesterday the sum of six thousand naira in total the pos wrote transaction declined yet I was debited the sum of 6000 after two trials pls I need my money back I believe so much in the bank. pls some thing should be done

  45. pls I used pos to withdraw money the transaction was not successful yet I was debited after two trials of 3000 thousands naira each. sum total of 6000 pls in need that money back pls

    • I transferred 2500 but was told that the transfer wasn’t successful but received a debit alert and I have been waiting for a refund but haven’t nothing but do help

  46. pls oo my company sent me my January salary since 6/02/19 up to date have not received any alert. I went to my bank to make a complain my bank said they did not receive any money. pls help me ooo

  47. Pls i opend account with access bank and my account was debited for my ATM but uptill today they refused to give me my ATM card

  48. good day I visit my bank at avenue for recovery of my ATM card . I was told to make use of it in three days time. I try recharging my with *901# and it requires d last four digit of my card or pin of which I try both. is telling me invalid pin. wants to know what’s d cause. thanks

  49. Good day. I have transfered a certain amount to my wifes access bank account 2days ago. She got a credit alert but couldnt find the money in the account. My first bank account has been debited without reversal. Now we could not locate where the money has dropped, kindly enligthen us on what to do.

  50. Hello good day, i need ur help on Sunday around 5pm clock i have seen two different debit alert with 10,000 making 20,000 and i did not withdraw it with myself after i have seen it i took my ATM card i withdraw the remaining money.
    Finally, i hope my complain will be considered pls
    Thank you.

  51. This is sick first the lines are not toll free and they have been wasting me airtime singing thank you to access bank and I just wasted 650 worth of airtime and no result

    • Pls the last time i chatted i wanted u people to block lottery i mean bet9ja or any betting at all Some one dat knows me is funding my money even without my ATM card pls i dont want my account to accept any online transaction again onless through ATM marchine access bank acct

  52. wanted to buy monthly data, my account was debited twice, nd I didn’t receive any data on my phone

  53. good evening, plz I withdrew #6,000 from my account yesterday through ATM nd I didn’t receive any message, not until today wen they said my balance is #31k instead of #51k, please fix it

  54. good day , please i transfer money since yesterday but the money have not delivered it to the person since yesterday why?

  55. am closing my account with you people, you disappointed me I was thinking access bank are the Best, now I understand what order people have been complaining. By Monday am closing up my access bank account not going to bank with you again.

  56. Pls am here to lodge a serious complain on how I want Access bank to help me to change my name on my bvn from ojo oluwaseun olajumoke to Lasisi Ramata Any at Access bank Akure branch bypass junction. This issue have been with them since 5months ago and I have met with all there requirements which they ask me to bring all my updated document that carry the name am changing to like ND result, olevel result, birth certificate,newspaper publication & national ID card.
    With all this they have not make any change on it, I plea to Access bank management to help me out of this situation of mine. Thanks

  57. I’m oluchi onye, using access bank, all of a sudden I stopped receiving alert please access bank have to help me I need to start receiving
    alert thanks

  58. Hello, Its up to three weeks i opened an account, but i have not recieve my account number and my BVN number

  59. I made a transfer this evening around 4:30pm to First bank, and it didn’t went but have been debited and the account as not be credited. Pls help me refund my money

  60. have lost my patient with you people. Whenever I make a transfer, you people always debit me without a successful transaction and it’s really getting out of hand. I made a transfer today, 9,000 to UBA I was debited without a successful transaction. And I made another one 3,000 mtn, I was debited without a successful transaction. Please I need my money reversed

  61. I was asked to update (Migrate) my account (Salary Account) that the I was using was not a normal account, I submitted all the documents I was asked to submit to them at your branch Wuse Zone 3 Abuja here since on 3rd Dec with the promise that it will be ok for withdrawal after 24hours which I went to withdraw with ATM but same No Debit, my creditor is on my neck for his money. Help me work on it to make sure is ok as soon as u see this message this morning. thanks in anticipation.

  62. I was asked to update (Migrate) my account (Salary Account) that the I was using was not a normal account, I submitted all the documents I was asked to submit to them at your branch Wuse Zone 3 Abuja here since on 3rd Dec with the promise that it will be ok for withdrawal after 24hours which I went to withdraw with ATM but same No Debit, my creditor is on my neck for his money. Help me work on it to make sure is ok as soon as u see this message this morning. thanks in anticipation.

  63. Good morning, Pls I made a transaction this morning via my Bank account to my Glo SIM card of credit worth 300 Naira to make a very important call, for over 3 hour from the early hours of 11am till now am yet to receive a credit alert of my sim Balance. Pls if that a very difficult thing to do, I ask for a refund of my money back into my account… I have complained to Glorify customer service and I was directed to my Bank.
    my Glo line :09059940419
    My Account number :0802096278

  64. Good evening. I transferred some money on Tuesday 28th to an Ecobank account and the person hasn’t received it till now. All efforts to reach your customer service or talk to someone has failed. Please I will like to be attended to as it is very urgent.

  65. Please. I want to know my iban number and swift code. I mistakenly sent an iban number I saw on net. To my aunty in UK. Thinking its a general access bank number. And now I can’t get money sent to me by my aunty please

  66. Too evening I sent 8000# to uba since Friday, and my account have been debited but yet they av not receive d money

  67. Good morning pls I need my statement of account from February 4th,
    because my brother send some money to my account twice am not seeing one of it thanks

  68. I transferred 2k to me brother yesterday move from my account and was not delivered till am chatting you ….please kindly help

  69. I transferred money since Friday and till now the person have not received, plz what should do cuz the money is urgently needed

  70. I made a transaction yesterday to this account number 2126750700 UBA with my access bank account number which is 07752808705 and I need a reverse back for the transaction it’s urgent please

  71. I send someone money from my Access bank to his bank Zenith bank but he didn’t receive any alert even me I didn’t receive debit alert

  72. I made a transaction today to this account number 2252584992 Zenith with my access bank account number which is 1220122620 and I need a reverse back for the transaction it’s urgent please, I need help oooo

  73. I bought airtime two times 2days ago through online debited me but I didn’t get any airtime.

  74. I tried to recharge 1000 on this line 08152659496 from my access account since on Friday but it did not go instead I was debited, please help me to check to know why because I need my money to be refunded but if not I need to know why?

  75. Please have being trying to asked for a loan on my debit cards now but the respond was am not eligible, please can you please help to fixed it ?

  76. I block my first acct and open another one with the same phone number.and i want to recharge from my acct. Their now saying that have been deny access to this service. Please help

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