Choosing the Best Computer Keyboard: Wireless Keyboard vs Wired Keyboard

wireless kayboard vs wired keyboard

One of the most frequently used computer peripherals is the keyboard, and it is second only maybe to your mouse. If you’ve a desktop computer, it is very possible that you’ve been making use of the basic keyboard, which came with the PC, and your computer may be crying for an upgrade. On the other hand, if you’re a laptop user or a netbook user, you may have got tired of having to type with your nose so close to the device screen.

Whatever the reason you’ve for looking to get a new keyboard, there are a couple of things to know before making the switch from a wired USB keyboard to the wireless type and vice versa. For starters, consider the specific tasks you will be using the board primarily for.

Types of computer keyboard that are offered today on the market could either be the original wired keyboard or the Wireless keyboards. The first type doesn’t contain any wires and is available in 2 different flavors — RF (WiFi) and Bluetooth. The 2 types (wireless keyboard vs wired keyboard) both have their pros and cons as we will soon see.

Wireless Keyboard vs Wired Keyboard

Both types of computer keyboard, when pitted against each other, actually stand shoulder to shoulder as each comes with its own unique attributes endearing users. Wired USB keyboards are ubiquitous, to the extent that we do not give them much thought. We simply make use of them by default, much the same way we opt for 5400 RPM hard drives, which our computers boot with because it is what is there already. Outlined below are few reasons both keyboard types differ:

Mobility/Clutter [1-0]

This is the most obvious relief you enjoy once you severe the umbilical cord that attaches your wired keyboard to the computer: a clutter-free workspace. You can bid farewell to entanglements, which are made worse by even more wires for computer users with wired mice to contend with. An added advantage is the greater reach a wireless keyboard has over its wired sibling. This mobility implies you do not always have to stay within a close distance to your device to carry out any work.

USB Ports [2-0] 

Apart from the case of the built-in keyboard on your laptop, a wired keyboard decommissions a minimum of one USB port every time. The additional use of a wired mouse will ensure 2 USB ports are already occupied before you even get started. This leaves little room for you to plug in other peripherals that might be needed in your line of work. For this reason, a wireless Bluetooth keyboard beats its wireless RF cousin, as well as the wired USB type, hands down.

Price/Cost [4-4]

Wired keyboards are quite very cheap, just like wired computer mice, since computer manufacturers must draw a line as a point and depend on you to use their devices. But wireless keyboards are catching up fast, so their prices will be almost the same as those of entry-level keyboards. However, just like it is with the way of the world, once quality improves significantly, prices will also rise. Thus, if you intend buying a robust and durable computer keyboard, you need to be prepared to remit some money. With this done, whether it is wired or wireless, you will enjoy true artisanship.

Interference [3-2]

The majority of wireless RF keyboards make use of the radio frequency, 2.4GHz, which is the same as wireless mice and other different devices. At some point, some interference is unavoidable. The same issue crops us in Bluetooth keyboards. While a rarity, the problem cannot be ignored when it happens. There is no such limitation with a wired keyboard. This once-in-a-blue-moon issue of interference should not be much of a concern for regular users of wireless keyboard. However, to a gamer, that would translate to second after second of eternal agony.

Latency/Lag [3-1] 

Soon, you will get familiar with words, like “latency” and “lag”, if you are a regular on online gamer forums. Those 2 terms are a big deal during situations in which split-second reactions are an issue of life and death (or one of several lives). Concerning this factor, we are calling a tie with the wired USB keyboard. More affordable wireless keyboards aren’t usually up to scratch as regards lag and latency. A lot of commentators on forums, though, usually feed on old, outdated info-dumps, but sorry to disappoint you — the wireless keyboards produced in this age don’t show any noticeable lag most times, as far as we can tell. Technology has experienced many breakthroughs and weathered a lot of storms, and this is one aspect it has put up an impeccable performance. As a result of this, each keyboard type gets a point.

Now that you are well acquainted with the benefits and downsides of a wireless keyboard vs wired keyboard variant, you can make an informed decision on which type best suits your style and needs? Personally, I feel the wireless type is the better option due to the reasons given above. What do you think?


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