All Important VLC Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac and Windows

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VLC media player is arguably the number player worldwide, it’s an open source cross-platform software which works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. As fluid as the app is, it could get frustrating having to switch and click your mouse every time if you do not know the VLC keyboard shortcuts to use at the right time.

Not only can VLC serve as a volume booster app on smartphones and computers,it’s also easy to use the app in adding subtitles and adjusting its delays. Having said that, it will save you a lot of time if you know the best VLC keyboard shortcuts if you use the software regularly for your media.

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All Important VLC Keyboard Shortcuts

Listed below are the most important keyboard shortcuts you should know when using VLC media player.

Space Bar to Pause and Play

All keyboards have that wide space bar whether you are a Windows or Mac user. In which is probably the most used function on VLC player, tapping the space bar can be used to pause and play your media at any time. That will save you a lot of stress instead of moving the mouse all the time.

S for Subtitle

This is another important shortcut. If you are playing a movie with subtitle (see how to add subtitles to videos) and you want to toggle it on or off, just tap “S” on your keyboard. Very easy.

F/Command+F for Full Screen and Audio Delay

There are times when you are watching videos on your computer with VLC player, you may have slightly adjusted its frame with your mouse if you do not want it to cover the whole screen. To make it full screen again, you just need to tap “F” on your keyboard. On Mac, it’s “Command key” with “F”, but pressing “F’ alone will decrease audio delay by a millisecond and pressing “G” will increase it.

Change Aspect Ratio with A

Aspect ratio is the width to height frame of the video player on your screen, there are predefined ratios on VLC. To try out different angles and sizes, just press the button “A”.

T to Show Time Remaining

When you are watching videos on your computer with VLC player, if it’s not in full screen mode, you could just look down to see the elapsed time and time remaining for the movies or video to be completed. This is not possible in full screen mode as you will have to move your mouse down across the surface of the screen. To flash the time remaining in full screen mode, just press button “T’ on your keyboard and it appears across the right-hand corner of your screen.

Mute with M

You want to mute and unmute videos on VLC with your keyboard, just press the button “M”.

CTRL+UP Arrow/Command+Arrow for Volume

This is. One of the most important VLC keyboard shortcuts. To increase your volume, on Windows press the CTRL key with the Up-Arrow key until you get a desired audio volume. On Mac, press Command Key with up Arrow Key.

To decrease volume, follow the same process but use the Down Arrow key this time.

Z to Zoom In and Out

Pressing the button “Z” on your keyboard will give you the available Zoom options with VLC player. The options are: Double, Quarter, Half and Original.

Fast Forward by 10Secs

If you are watching a video and you want to fast it forward by 10secs, on Windows press “ALT+LEFT Arrow” or “ALT+ RIGHT Arrow” to alternated forward or backward by 10sec. On Mac OS, press “Comman+Option+LEFT Arrow” or “Command+Option+RIGHT Arrow”.

Fast Forward by A Minute

This is also one of the important VLC keyboard shortcuts.

To jump videos ahead or backward by a minute, on Windows press “CTRL+LEFT Arrow” or “CTRL+RIGHT Arrow”. On Mac OS, press “Command+Shift+LEFT or RIGHT Arrow”

Fast Forward by 5 Minutes

If you want to fast forward for a longer time, the maximum available with VLC keyboard shortcuts is 5 minutes, otherwise you will have to use the mouse to seek the bar ahead.

On Windows press “CTRL+ALT+LEFT/RIGHT Arrow key”. On Mac OS, press “Command+Option+LEFT/RIGHT Arrow Key”

CTRL/Command+E to Adjust Video/Audio Effects

While a media is playing you can adjust the audio or video effects by pressing “CTRL+E” for Windows and “Command+E” on Mac OS. This will bring out the audio equalizer and Video effects menu.

Play Videos Faster or Slower

If you are” crazy” and you enjoy watching videos fasting than the normal play or slower than the normal playback, this is for you. On windows keep on pressing “+” to go faster and ““ to go back slow. On Mac, just press the “Command” key with these buttons.

N/P for Next and Previous Playlist

If you dragged many media to VLC player then it will create a playlist in ascending order. To play next, press button “N’ or “P” to play previous on the playlist.

Decrease and Increase Subtitle Delay

Last but not the least the VLC keyboard shortcuts list is the one to delay and increase subtitle speed. Just press button “H” to increase and “J” to delay.

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