How to Use Whatsapp Broadcast to Send Chat to Multiple Contacts

Whatsapp broadcast

Whatsapp Broadcast does exactly what it is called: with it you can broadcast messages to your contacts. In a standard Whatsapp chat, you can only send a particular message to one person at a time. If you want to send a message to more than one person, you will need to copy-paste the message to each contact one-by-one.

Imagine you want to send a motivational quote to all your contacts and you start pasting the message to them one after the other. This would certainly be a Herculean task you don’t want to try. The ideal way of sending the same chat to multiple contacts on Whatsapp is by using Broadcast.

Consequently in this post, I will be showing you how to set-up a broadcast on Whatsapp and use it to deliver a message to multiple people on your contact list.

How to Send A Broadcast Message to Your Whatsapp Contacts

  • On Whatsapp main page, click on the three horizontal dots. This will bring out options within the app.


  • On the displayed option, tap on New Broadcast. This will bring out all the contacts on your phone.



  • On the listed contacts, tap on the image (in a circle) towards the left-hand side of each contact to select it. The images are the profile pictures of your friends. On tapping a contact, it is selected, with a mark symbol depicting its selection.
  • After selecting all the contacts that you want to send the broadcast to, tap on the mark icon towards the bottom-right corner. This will take you a where you will type the broadcast message.

BroadcastOn the broadcast page, you will see the number of people you added. In my case, there are 6 recipients, meaning I added 6 contacts. Like in a normal Whatsapp chat, attachments, images and voice notes can be broadcast.

But for the purpose of this post, I will be broadcasting a message.

  • Tap on the chat-box to bring out your keyboard.


  • Using your keyboard, type the message you want to broadcast and tap on the send icon to broadcast our message.


NB: Your broadcast message would be delivered to the selected contacts that saved your number: If someone doesn’t save your number but you added the person in a broadcast, the person will never get the broadcast.

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