4 Effective Ways to Reduce Data Consumption on Android Devices

reduce data consumption on android

In this article, I would be writing on how to reduce data consumption on android devices. Your android device, be it a phone or tablet could get you in debt if you do not know how to monitor its data consumption; no pun intended. An android device without an internet subscription is practically useless, most applications on smartphones these days require the internet to function except for some few ones like games you can run offline. I normally subscribe monthly to the same amount of data every time and I make sure I monitor my usage so I do not exhaust my data before its expiry date.

Ways to Reduce Data Consumption on Android Devices

Disable App Auto-Update

By default your apps auto-update, this means whenever there is an update for any application you’ve installed on your device it updates automatically regardless of the amount of data you have. It’s good to update apps but if you do not use all the apps on your phone constantly, I see no reason why they should be updating automatically. The best thing you could do is to set your apps to update whenever you have a Wi-Fi connection. To set this go to your PlayStore and tap on the menu as shown below, navigate to Apps & Games.

effective ways to reduce to data consumption on android

Go to General settings and click on the first option and set your apps to auto-update on Wi-Fi only. You still have the option to update your apps manually at any time.

effective ways to reduce to data consumption on android

Limit Background Apps

You may not know but some applications run in the background on your device. If you limit these apps or block them from running, it’s a sure way to reduce data consumption on android devices. Greenify is an effective application you can use to hibernate some android apps, save data and even save your battery life, there are two versions of this app – the free and paid, the free versions works effectively. Click here to download Greenify and also here to learn how to configure it to limit apps from running in the background.

Use Data Monitoring App

Another effective way to reduce data consumption on android devices is to actually monitor your data usage. If you know your data usage for a particular period of time you would be more conscious as to how you use your data. Internet Speed Meter Lite is a lite-weight app on Google PlayStore with which you can monitor the daily and monthly consumption of every app on your android device, the good thing about this app is that it’s free and it has no ads.

Set Monthly Data Limit

Your android device allows you to set data usage limit within a period of time, weekly or monthly, when you get to this usage you get a notification warning on your phone or tablet telling you’ve reached the data usage limit. To do this, go to Settings, then Data Usage… move the bar up and down to set your desired usage.

android data usage

or tap on the number of data shown to set the a particular figure.

By now, all these steps should guide you on reducing data consumption on your android phone or tablet. Sometimes, you know yourself if you are running a lot data, you just have to control yourself.

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