How to Transfer Money with Union Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

Union bank mobile money transfer code

Union bank mobile money transfer code makes it easy for customers to perform any transaction on their phone via SMS or USSD codes. Union bank tagged “Your Simpler, Smarter Bank” is one of the oldest commercial banks in Nigeria, a lot of civil servants in the country bank with them. With Union bank mobile money transfer code various transactions can be performed such as bills payment, one-one-one money transfers airtime recharge, etc.

How to Transfer with Union Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

Make sure your phone number is registered with your account number.

  • Dial *389*038# or *826# on your mobile phone. Follow the on-screen command and start using Union bank mobile USSD banking.

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How to Check Union Bank Account Balance on Your Phone

After you’ve registered like we mentioned above, to check your union bank account balance on your mobile phone p- simply open your SMS and send BAL to 20123.

Happy banking!

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  1. the mobile ussd code is giving an error msg. “recharge amount is too low, minimum amount is N50”. What do i do, i urgently need to make a transfer and the next branch is very far from me. Urgent response pls…….

  2. Comment Text*
    Sir,the ussd code is giving an error message.It says recharge amount is too low,minimum amount is #50.I only want to make transfer and not recharge.I was at your branch in Akure last friday to activate the mobile transfer and up till now the code keeps giving the error message above..I need to make an urgent transfer.Pls what do i do?

  3. Hello pls i jst renew my acct nd nw i was told i cant withdraw Almost two weeks nw dey said my acct is on AVR nd pls i nid to make transactions…. Pls help me out

  4. How do I check account number on union USSD? My uncle wife don’t know the account number of her late husband and need to get the number via his phone number to apply to the bank for change of onwernship. Thanks.

  5. Too bad I can not transfer by my mobile money transfer. 2 weeks ago I visited the Bank and I was told that the code is already changed from *389*032# to #826# which was done by the costomer care right at the bank. But since then I could not transfer money again but I can log in to check my balance

  6. The transfer code *826# is totally rubbish. Can’t make a transfer since yesterday. I keep geting ussd code error like “connection error or invalid mmi code”. The message we keep getting is that this code is 24/7 working but reverse is the case

  7. You guys should just be plain about the matter- The simple truth is that you don’t have a USSD code. Stop stressing your customers.

  8. Union Bank You need to be more serious I have been trying to transfer money but it keeps giving me unnecessary messages please upgrade your services or else people will desert you

  9. This is useless you guys can’t even show ppl a unique code..I’ve heard things like a change of ussd code from *389*038# to *826#.This is causing a kind of a mental specific assholes

  10. The code is doesn’t work at all and this a lot of stress even the ATM transfer is also stressful in doing this transaction of transfer that after the debit alert the payee will still not get the credit alert up to 2 days and one will think he/she did not do the right thing

    • My customer send money to me on Saturday around 12:25pm and he has gotten a debit alert and this is Sunday 1:32 ,but me that suppose to receive the money have not receive alert from my own bank and my bank keep on telling me that the said amount have not reflect on my account

  11. My daddy is too old so he can’t go to bank withdrew money. But I tried to used or mobile service, is not working I need help

  12. please how can I retrieve the issue am having with my mobile banking I am unable to log in my account with my mobile app it’s telling me that the password is incorrect I have also been trying to change my password but the last space is giving me a serious problem… what is the code sent to register mobile and it’s not giving me any text messages

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