5 Tech Products and Accessories for Your Dog

tech product for dogs

Dogs’ are man’s best friend. A dog’s loyalty is. Unquestionable and it’s always nice to have one around if you are a pet lover. I love my dog so much and we spend a lot of time together. If you do love your pet like I do, you would surely want to get products or gadgets that makes you and your dog happy.

Let’s run you through the five good accessories and gadgets you should consider getting for your dog.

Best Tech Products and Accessories for your Dog

In no particular order, getting these products would improve your interaction with your dog if you really love her.


Dogs like being free and not just locking them in a cage, a lively dog is an active dog. Giving a dog freedom means you have to constantly monitor them and be on the alert as to where they are. Whistle 3 is an active tracker with GPS which can be attached to your dog’s collar. It has a mobile app with which you can track wherever location your dog is.

Whistle dog accessory

Yeti Dog Bowl

If you are feeding your dog rawhide bones or their favourite feed/drink you want a clean bowl that is unbreakable. Yeti bowl is big enough and is not easily kicked around, it is slightly pricey but you are getting a good value for money. It is easy to clean as well.

Yeti bowl - dog tech product


If you love your dog, you want to make sure your dog is clean all the time. While it’s difficult to bath some dogs because of their coats, some other dogs get scared of having a bowl or bucket of water just dumped at them. With AquaPaw, it’s easy to drench your dog’s undercoat and get the shampoo onto the skin. AquaPaw is wearable and can be turned off/on by controlling your palm.

AquaPaw dog washer

iCalmDog Portable Speaker

Little pups are fun to play with but they can very restless at the same time. iCalmDog portable speaker has a multi-sensory approach to ease your dog’s anxiety. The speaker has 24-hr playtime on a single charge and plays music to calm your pup’s nerves, even dogs want to chill and relax.

iCalm Dog

The package is a bundle containing Bluetooth speakers, two micro SD cards preloaded with anti-stress music, a calming mist and shockproof case.

Snow Peak Dog Cot

You don’t want your dog peeing on your bed, having to pack your bedsheet all the time could be a daunting task. Snow Peak Dog Cot allows your dog lay on a cotton sheet which is suspended and stretched on a stainless. Steel frame. Unlike a big bed, the cotton can be removed easily and washed at any time.

Snow Peak Dig Cot - tech products for dogs

Wrapping Up

Dogs want to have fun too, and if you love yours you should consider getting some of these dog accessories. All the products are available on Amazon.


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