Siri Will Soon Let You Play Music from Spotify


Spotify and Apple Music are no doubt two of the biggest music streaming platform in the world with both boasting millions of subscribers. Swedish app Spotify currently has 232 million monthly active users and 108 million premium subscribers. On the other hand, Apple music reported a total of 60 million paid subscribers back in June. Apple owns Siri of course and report says an agreement has been reached which will let iPhone users tell the voice assistant to play songs from Spotify.

Amazon Alexa, Google’s own voice assistant works with Spotify. Apple and Spotify have been a legal tussle with Apple claiming Spotify is not paying 30 per cent tax on subscriptions gotten from Apple’s App Store, rather a less than 1 per cent of paid subscribers. This led to Spotify filing an anti-trust complaint against the Cupertino-based tech company with the European Union.

The EU is carrying out investigations as to these claims which Spotify says Apple demands a 30 per cent tax from it and other digital services for purchases made through Apple’s payment system including account upgrades from free to premium.

Apple replied saying, “the only contribution that Apple requires is for digital goods and services that are purchased inside the app using our secure in-app purchase system.”

Spotify launched in India back in February and the Swedish company is hoping to expand into more emerging markets.


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