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pronounce names

Earth is a beautiful place inhabited with humans from different races, it is estimated the world has 7 billion people. Different cultures, traditions, customs and lots more, all these diversities make us unique in different ways or the other with each human also having all kinds of names. When you leave your location to another place it could be difficult knowing how to pronounce names there and the language barrier is also another factor.

There are seven continents in the world with so many countries. You will be surprised to see people with different outlook moving from one place to another in your own country alone with all kinds of names talk less of travelling between countries. We know how hard it is to pronounce names and we’ve put together websites to help you overcome this struggle wherever you find yourself in the world.

Four Websites to Help You Pronounce Names Correctly

Below are 4 good websites you can always access instead of embarrassing yourself while trying to pronounce somebody’s name.


HowToProunce is arguably the best online name pronunciation tool. The website is free to use and has an audio pronunciation dictionary for you to listen and learn the particular way and exact word or name is spoken in so many languages of the world.

pronounce names correctly

Not only is it used for names, you can also use it to learn how places, drugs, medical terminologies, etc are pronounced correctly in all languages of the world. We recommend this as the number one site to learn how to pronounce names.

Pronounce Names

Pronounce Names has a large database of names from all over the world which has been stored on the website. You can also search for a particular name instead of looking through a long list.

pronounce names

When you search for a particular name, it shows you its origin, the gender bearing the name or if it’s a unisex name and the type of name. You will also be able to play it to hear the correct pronunciation. If you think it has been pronounced wrongly, you can correct this by uploading a recording of your voice.


Inogolo is quite similar to HowToPronounce but not as extensive. It is a website for pronunciation guide to the names of people, places and stuffs.

pronounce names correctly

You can choose to explore the menus for various options or just search directly to see if the name you are looking for is in their database. When you search, the website displays the particular origin of the name, its phonetic pronunciation and the audio file for you to play and listen to the name is rightly pronounced.

Hear Names

Hear Names is simple and straightforward, it’s for name pronunciations alone and nothing more.

pronounce names

Search for a particular name using the search bar below the website and its pronunciation in different languages comes up.


With the websites above, we are sure you will be able to find any name pronunciation correctly you are looking for. You can bookmark them in case the need arises.

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