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Social network apps are a huge source of video content and you can boost your profile even if you don’t shoot a video or photo from scratch. Especially Instagram, and TikTok, are the main other sources where video can help you earn millions and attract millions of people to your account. That is why tools such as an Insta video downloader are an indispensable arsenal for any manager who may promote an Instagram store. 

Why is Online video download from Instagram is essential? 

For example, if you are developing a content strategy for a business, this could be an agency selling tours to the UK. Let’s agree that if you mainly work with clients, then you may have little video content that is attractive enough for users to come to your profile from the Explore page. Therefore, often such businesses can use ready-made content that can attract an audience to their accounts. 

For example, you can download videos that top bloggers post on their accounts. It can also be photos made by photographers. Moreover, you can use memes that are dedicated to locations. For example, as we mentioned above the United Kingdom. 

When you collect various content on one narrow niche topic, soon you will achieve what you need. Users who may be potentially interested in this will more often go to your profile. The fact is that the Instagram algorithm will specifically show you to narrow interested people, driving them to your account.

Because the creators of the application are interested in the fact that users go to their profiles as often as possible and spend more time online. That is, spend more time on the application. 

Therefore, the main Insight for 2022 is that you don’t have to think about where you can get content from and how to get it. At the same time, maintaining an Instagram profile is critical. And the only ingenious way is downloading content and collecting unique cheap content. 

Where and how to download Insta videos

In order for the content that you find to be reusable, it must be saved in the original quality. And it’s no secret that social networks optimize the type of content so that it does not take up much memory in the app. Therefore, for such optimization, the quality of the content deteriorates. But if you use a professional downloader, it will extract the content in the quality in which the user uploaded it to the social network. At the same time, if you take a screenshot of the video, then the quality of this content is much worse because it will be limited by the resolution of your screen. 

After you re-create and repost this video, you may see the quality is worse a few more times.

Therefore, such free tools must be known and used.

How do downloaders work?

The first rule is – they are able to scrape content only from publicly open accounts. Not one online downloader will be able to parse content from profiles that are closed privacy settings. However, most profiles are now open, especially the profile of creators, so it will not be difficult for you to download the necessary videos. This means that it remains only to find those content creators who will fit your topic.

Most importantly, for this content to bring you as many new followers and views as possible, make it easy to find. Search engine optimization on Instagram is now extremely important because only publications that are posted in the feed or as Reels get into the tag gallery. 

Therefore, if you were to download a video and publish it as Reels, you would definitely need to paste hashtags. You will see how much the tags raise the reach of your posts and how many potential followers will see your account thanks to one video that you may have just downloaded.

Also for closely interacting with your audience, it’s important to constantly replenish stories. Stories are a great reason for people to respond to your content because not everyone likes to leave public comments. While replies and reactions to stories are private. 

All in all

Therefore, be sure to use the downloaded videos to reshare them in stories. And a great idea for reusing or recycling content is to use content from TikTok. This social network is a trendsetter. All the most fashionable content can be downloaded exclusively from there. Here you can also use services like Toolzu. Despite the fact that TikTok videos can be downloaded directly from the application, not all creators allow this option. And some video clips will have a watermark. Whereas a dedicated web service allows you to extract MP4 files without unwanted characters and even when profile owners prohibit in-app downloads. 

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