10 Best Online Dating Sites in Nigeria

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Over the years, people have sought love in various places. One of such places is online dating sites with many members signing in at multiple times. This means that dating sites have a steady stream of singles looking for romance.

Previously only geeks and socially awkward people were regulars at online dating sites. But now everyone is catching up on the trend from celebrities to even children setting profiles for their parents.

Some of these sites offer free services while others require a subscription fee. Some cater to long term relationships while other partners for shorter periods.   Without wasting time, let’s move on to the top 10 best dating sites in Nigeria.

Best Online Dating Sites in Nigeria

In no particular order, below are the best online dating sites in Nigeria right now.

Nigerian Marriage Connect

Next on the list of the best dating sites in Nigeria is Nigerian Marriage connect. Launched in 2013, this dating site has numerous members. However, before you can access its services, you have to pay some fees. Meanwhile, new members are entitled to a free subscription in the first month of registering.

Nigerian Dating

With a clean and user-friendly interface, Nigerian Dating has helped singles in Nigeria find love across the world. Surprisingly, the site is a part of the World Singles Network which offers such services for the past 15 years.

Before you use this site, you must up a profile by connecting with Facebook or filing the short application form. The location is free however you need to subscribe. The subscription plan permits you to perform actions such as checking out profiles of other singles on the platform. The site also promises internal review measures to ensure the safety of its members.


Friendite is another website that matches singles across Nigeria. The site comes with an app which comes with exciting highlights. The highlights include compatibility on multiple devices, video call services, games and the ability to translate various languages. Users can also send text messages and vote for the hottest single on the app.



This website is another Nigerian dating platform that does not require its members to pay any fees. It comes with an easy to understand interface. It also promises its users a chance to meet attractive partners from across important towns in Nigeria. You can use a search bar to search for singles based on their age, sex, and location.

Meet Nigerians

If you are looking for more top dating sites in Nigeria, you should try Meet Nigerians. This free dating site targets Nigerians in the diaspora, especially in the UK and US. But you will find singles from major Nigerian cities including Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt.

The site offers its visitors various features to make online dating as fun as possible. The highlights include an option to upload a video and also have your profile featured on your birthday. But to enjoy more perks like sending SMS messages on the site you have to purchase the Gold Membership plan.

You can purchase the plan for as short as a month and as long as a year. The subscription fees range from 1800-8000 Naira depending on the preferred length of membership.

Sexy Naija

Next on the list top dating sites is Sexy Naija. This platform is famous for standing as the oldest dating websites having started operations as early as 2005. The platform is also free which makes it’s members access all its areas.

Like most dating sites, you register by providing regular personal details. This information includes your blood group, occupation, marital status, and drinking habits.

Sexy Naija offers its users exciting features such as a chatting forum, instant messaging, a blogging application and customized internet email. These features ensure good rapport between various singles on the platform.


Tinder is an app rather than a website that connects millions of people with their romantic partners across the world. It’s also popular in Nigeria. But if you plan to have a serious relationship, you should consider other options.

Tinder is famous for its hook-up sessions and flings. But if you still want to look for love on the platform, you can download the app and swipe right to like a user. You can also swipe left to move to another use. If someone likes you on the app, you get a notification. You can start chatting with your match after that.

Nigerian Christian Singles

Are you looking for a partner that shares the same faith you? Then check out Nigerian Christain Singles. This top Nigerian dating website offers Christian singles the chance to meet and fall in love.

The site includes unique features such as matchmaking, picture galleries, discussion boards, private messaging and blogging. The site also promises complete control for those searching for life partners in the Christian community.


Like Nigerian Christian Singles, Mulisma caters for singles who practice the same faith exclusively Islam. Although the site is not Nigerian, it serves as an ideal alternative as no dating site provides for solely for Nigerian Muslims. However, the site has a large number of Nigerian Muslims.

The site is free and easy to use. Before you can use the site, you are expected to provide details such as your Islamic denomination and your grasp of the Koran. The site also has thousands of users from across the world.


This website offers some of the best services to its numerous members. Although the site is not as old as others on this list, LoversPub includes features that provide a seamless experience. The features include a clean interface, clear images and a chat service.

The website is aimed at singles in various Nigerian cities and matches them with their potential partners. The matches are based on the interests of their profile and their service is also free. Certainly, one of the best dating sites in Nigeria.


Those are the top 10 dating sites in Nigeria. You can search for love and meet your soulmate on these platforms. Although some of these sites perform checks on their users, you should meet with your match in public places and remain alert at all times. Feel free to share your opinion about our list of the top dating sites in 2019.


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