Oppo reveals larger UD fingerprint sensor and 10x optical zoom camera

Oppo 10x optical zoom design

Chinese mobile communications firm, Oppo has revealed a 10x camera set up at an event on Wednesday. The camera includes three sensors with a larger space for a UD fingerprint sensor. There were no plans by the tech company to introduce any new smartphone nor was no demo of any sort during the announcement. However, Oppo promises to give more details during the MWC 2019 in February.

Oppo UD fingerprint scanner

The 10x hybrid optical zoom was brought to light through a combination of the 5x optical zoom sensor with a wide-angle lens. This architecture enables the 10x zoom feature. A third module was added at the centre for usual pictures, but it does not change the zoom range. According to the Oppo team, the modules feature the 35mm equivalent of 15.9-159mmm focal length. Set side by side, the most comparable alternative- the Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s triple camera extends from 16mm to 80mm in 35mm terms.

Oppo’s latest module also includes Dual OIS image stabilization for the primary camera and the telephoto lens. The framework was produced with more than 100+ R&D patents and went under 28000 drop tests. Barcelona will host the event where the samples will be displayed, and the company promises to ship the hardware to manufactures this year.

Oppo also revealed a larger under-display fingerprint sensor that shares a look with the type announced by rival phone manufacturer, Xiaomi. The latest sensor will be 15 times larger than the one available in the R17, providing space for two fingers at the same time. The team at GSMArena had previously tested a similar idea with the vivo APEX concept in 2018 although the concept was not fully developed then.

Regarded as the new ” biometric experience” by an executive at Oppo, the tech will be available on phones before the year runs out. This means we might expect an early version of the Oppo R19 at MWC 2019.


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