You Can Now Mute an Account on Instagram; See How

how to mute an account on instagram

Instagram seems to be evolving every day with new features being rolled out. A few days ago, it was made possible to share feeds to stories; now it is possible to mute accounts without unfollowing them.

If you like your Instagram feed neat and you follow an account with too many posts daily, or you want to control what content you see without unfollowing, this is where mute comes in. Mute lets you hide posts on your timeline from accounts like these without them being aware they were muted. When you click on the profile of accounts you have muted, you will still be able to see their posts and you will also get notified about comments or posts you are tagged in.

How to Mute an Account on Instagram

  • From your feed, tap on the three dotted icons (…) in the corner of the post to bring out options.
  • The new mute option comes out from the options and when you tap on it the account is muted.
how to mute an account on instagram
image credit: instagram

The new mute feature also makes it possible to mute stories from certain accounts. When you see stories, press and hold down on the account story you want to mute to see options. That is how to mute an account on Instagram.

The mute feature is being rolled out and should get to everyone in the coming weeks.

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