Instagram Now Lets You Add Posts from Friend to Stories

add posts to stories on Instagram

You can now add posts to stories on Instagram, a new feature which was rolled out with the latest update to the photo sharing app. Major changes having been rolling out on the app in the past few weeks and it would be recalled a new Focus Portrait mode was introduced which allows portrait shots posted on the stories to be distinct by blurring out the background. Recently the emoji slider feature was also rolled out to stories to ask nuanced questions and know how friends feel about a story you shared.

The new feature which allows users to share posts from their feeds or timeline to stories is an interesting one as one can easily share a fascinating post and show support by adding to their own story so their friends and followers can see.

add posts to stories on Instagram
image credit: instagram

How to Add Posts to Stories on Instagram

  • When you locate the post you want to share to your story, tap the icon beside the comment button that looks like the flying kite or airplane.
  • The button is meant to send via a DM but a new option now appears showing “create a story with this post”
  • Tap on it to share to your story, it will now show in the story as a sticker with a customized background.
  • You have the option to rotate, tap and move before finally adding or share to your stories.

Now questions may arise about privacy but users can only add posts to stories on Instagram public accounts. You can also turn of the option of people sharing your posts to their stories by going to Settings. Posts added to stories will carry the username of its original poster which when tapped will take users to the post itself.

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