GAME OF THRONES Fans: Season 6 Premieres Tomorrow

GAME OF THRONES Fans: Season 6 Return Tomorrow

Most of us have been waiting for Game of Thrones Season 6 to start, we cannot wait any longer…but thank God the 6th season returns tomorrow. The biggest show in the world is back guys!



Season 5 left us with so many unanswered questions. The final scene was so heart-breaking, everyone’s favourite bastard Lord Snow was betrayed and stab several times by fellow men of the Night’s Watch. Is he dead?…We do not yet know (anyone stabbed like that in reality cannot survive it though …LOL).

In what capacity will he return? As a White Walker? All these questions will be answered when the show returns tomorrow, but we cannot hold our breath any longer.

What happens to Sansa and Theon Greyjoy? Theon particularly was turned to something else by Lord Bolton’s son…haha… That dude is a bad guy.

Will Arya regain her sight again? I really hope she does. She is a brave girl and I think her role will be limited if she does not regain her sight.GAME OF THRONES Season 6


What happens with Bran and the three-eyed raven? Will Bran be able to walk again? We at How-To Tech Naija really hope he does.


How can we forget the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen? She found herself in an unknown territory, what happens to her? How will Tyrion Lannister rule? ….hahahaha


In whatever you do guys always remember the famous phrase, Valar Morghulis (All Men Must Die)



Happy viewing from wherever you all will be watching!!!!.


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