Facebook Takes Bold Step to Disrupt a Major Spam Operation

Facebook spam posts and likes

If you are a regular user you must have come across Facebook spam posts and messages from countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and some other countries. If you haven’t seen any, then you do not have to worry as Facebook just announced in a blog post it has disrupted and removed fake accounts and likes.

Facebook spam posts and likes
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook said these accounts were aimed at deceptively adding new friends by liking posts on pages with huge followership. The accounts were detected by Facebook to remain dormant after liking many pages without any activity before using them to send Facebook spam posts and messages to unsuspecting people.

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What is the Impact of Facebook Spam posts and Likes on Pages running Ads?

Facebook says 99% of pages with over 10,000 likes and above which got fake likes will decrease of less than 3% in page likes. The good thing is if you ran ads to boost pages, you got genuine likes and you would not have to worry about being cheated.

Our systems were able to identify a large portion of this illegitimate activity – and to remove a substantial number of inauthentic likes. We also received help from our partners, who alerted us to suspicious activity that helped us identify additional accounts that were part of the same campaign. As we remove the rest of the inauthentic likes, we expect that 99% of impacted Pages with more than 10,000 likes will see a drop of less than 3%. None of these likes were the result of paid ads from the affected Pages.

In the blog post, the online community further says its system is now ready to detect fake likes more quickly and will be on alert to keep the online community more safe.

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