Camon 12 Air Is Exactly What You Need For The Festive Season

Africa’s most preferred Smartphone brand, TECNO, just broke the seams of innovation with their new smartphone Camon 12 Air. There are a number of firsts with this incredible new gadget.

For the first time with any TECNO device, Camon 12 Air comes with a sleek Dot-In Display that sets the phone apart from its contemporaries. As if that isn’t enough excellence, Camon 12 Air also comes with very exceptional wallpapers designed to fit the Dot-In Display perfectly.

  • Camon 12 Air Wallpaper

The wallpapers have so many beautiful colours with different options you can pick from. You will definitely be torn between which ones to choose on a regular basis

These wallpapers are one of a kind. They are specifically designed to make your phone stand out from an array of phones.

One interesting fact is, everyone likes to stand out from the crowd. And there is no better time to do that than this festive season.

As you go about your merrymaking, let Camon 12 Air and its awesome wallpapers help spell out your unique taste in simple and classy style.

The Camon 12 Air is available for sales at an amazing deal of ₦ 42,500. And you can get the wallpapers from this link.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a TECNO Camon 12 Air TODAY!

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