Top 10 Best Shopify Apps You Should Give a Try to

best shopify apps

In this article we’ll take a look at the best Shopify apps available for download today.

best shopify apps

Best Shopify Apps to Try Out

Pre-Order Manager

Cost: $24.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Shopify pre order tool will be the first in our top list, and let us explain why. Shopify stores customers often feel frustrated when the product they need is not available in stock yet. Thus, it would be efficient enough to add a pre ordering widget for them to be able to finish the order later.

Upsell for Products – Buy X Get Y

Cost: $24.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Ever wanted your Shopify to make targeted upsell offers automatically without implementing new code into the app? Try out this app for pop-ups! It uses the cart content to make the offers more relevant and informs users about discounts that may interest them. Shopify upsell is an excellent solution to grow up your sales dramatically!

Bulk Discounts & Sales Scheduler

Cost: $18.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Shopify discount app is able to schedule the discounts and other special offers in time as supple as possible. Everything you need to specify is a product in your Shopify inventory, the start of a campaign, the end of it and the bulk of the discounts you want to offer your customers. As practice shows, it is one of the best tools to improve the sales.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar

Cost: Free

Shopify countdown timer has many remarkable applications able to improve your business and encourage customers to buy more. You can place this Shopify widget on any page you want and specify the offer, countdown on the timer which shows the deadline of the offer, and what groups of customers should see this banner. These easy manipulations can significantly boost your sales, so we strictly recommend to try it out, not least because it is free and does not require an initial investment.

Quantity Discount & Tiered Pricing

Cost: $19.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Shopify quantity discount banner encourages your customers to buy more and does it particularly well. Your Shopify store can gain more income by applying this tiny but powerful tool for tiered sales providing customizable pricing discounts which depend on the quantity of the products. It is far much easier to sell more items into one hands instead of searching for new clients constantly, so this tool deserves a special attention.

Popup Upsell on Exit & Visit

Cost: Free

Shopify pop up widget is good enough in displaying messages to users according to a particular visit situation. It can be the very first visit (you can set a discount for such users), or leaving your Shopify store without making an order (make an interesting offer to them like a coupon for a subscription to your newsletter), that will cause the popup to be shown. This tool plays on psychological factors: the user feels like this is a happy coincidence and they need to take advantage of it. Try it out, that’s free!

Back in Stock Alerts

Cost: $19.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Want your shopify notify when back in stock? Your customers’ loyalty will increase significantly if your store would be able to notify them when the product is back. It’s a good practice in sales to inform loyal clients about the stock availability, and now such a widget is already on Shopify. Such a tool helps to collect an email base of customers and send them different notifications to increase sales.

Free Shipping & Hello Bar

Cost: $8.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Shopify free shipping bar is one more top tool for optimizing your Shopify store by announcing free gifts, free shipping, or any other type of offer that attracts the user’s’ attention and inclines them to make a purchase in your app. You can easily customize it to show literary any notification you need to, including follow-ups. You can even say ‘hello’ to your customers via this widget🙂.

Upsell Bundled Products

Cost: $19.95 in a month (try it for free for 30 days)

Shopify bundles is your perfect tool for selling multiple products in one package! The simplicity of this Shopify plugin is well combined with its efficiency: choose a product you need to add into a bundle from your inventory, then add more products to sell more as bundles also generate more sales and more income. To start the selling campaign just specify the cost of your bundle item and start making money.

Crowdfunding Manager

Cost: $19.95 in a month (try it for free for 14 days)

Shopify crowdfunding was created specifically to allow Shopify store owners to run their own crowdfunding campaigns through the corresponding widget. It makes possible to instantly make the donation, see the final sum and the current sum of donations. Also, your customers will be informed about the donation progress with the progress bar. The theme and color schemes are fully customizable.

eCommerce Solutions Company

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