10 Best Kids Games

best kids games

Sometimes parents need a break. Good games with high-quality gameplay can save you some nerves and create time for yourself. Today there are tons and tons of kids’ games. However, it’s hard to navigate in such a big world. Gametop has a giant selection of games for every generation.

What are the kids playing today?  Fortnite, Minecraft.  We don’t think online games are suitable for young gamers. We offer you a selection of enchanting, fun harmless, high quality game play games for kids on PC that can capture and attract the attention of adults. You can join your kid or he can play alone. The most important thing is to have a fun experience to play. Get free games to download on GameStop.


Who doesn’t like a good hidden objects game? And kids are not an exception. Look around and search out things in a beautiful house full of interesting stuff. This game develops patience, curiosity, and attentiveness. And what a great feeling to become a designer of the mansion after level completion.

Pizza Chef 2

Everybody loves pizza. And every kid would love to be pizzaiola for a day. Pizza chef 2 can help. Boss around a chain of Italian restaurants and cook the best pizza for clients in this match 3 game. By opening your pizzeria, your child will see how many people want and like to eat pizza, especially if it has excellent taste.  To open a pizzeria, he or she needs to: buy the necessary equipment, high-quality ingredients for pizza, and furniture for the hall where visitors will sit, and wait for their turn.  Is everything ready?  Then Pizza Chef opens. Crowds of customers will come, and he will have to serve everyone quickly and efficiently.  But it will take a little time and regular visitors will begin to demand something new.  To diversify the menu, the child will go to refresher courses, learn new recipes, and acquire the skills of a businessman.

Grow the pizza business to an empire!

Ozzy Bubbles

Ozzy was just a regular turtle. Then danger appeared and he had to become a hero. Help him save his fellow neighbours in this sea platformer. Jump, get coins, and enjoy the story and views of the deep ocean. To complete this difficult task, Ozzy will have to go through many labyrinths, fight villains and get the keys to transitions between levels.  To neutralize enemies, the turtle has magic bubbles that make even the most terrible monsters harmless.

The player controlling Ozzy will not only need to shoot air bubbles at the enemy but also use their wits to outsmart the enemy and get the key to the next level.

More than 40 levels to complete. 

Download this game now for free on Gametop and get your child a relaxing water experience

200 Plus Sight Words

It is not just a game; it’s a learning tool. It can help your child to memorize useful words. 200 Plus Sight Words app contains over 200 sight words, grouped into 5 grades; Pre-primer, Primer, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade. Children can learn through various mini-games. The game contains a goal system, which helps children to be involved and to do more and more.


We know that kids love to create a mess. And we know that they aren’t fans of cleaning it. Maybe clutter can help. Navigate through objects, and find needful. We hope that they can recreate this experience at home.

Discuss interesting objects with your child, see what is not useful in a real household and what you may need to buy next time you are shopping.

Garden Rescue

A great example of an almost nonviolent tower defence game. Beautiful gardens sometimes become a target too. Evil insects want those greens and somebody has to stop them. Cultivate vegetables and hold the line. Make sure your garden guns are ready to destroy every attacker. A great and fun way to develop a strategic mind. Offbeat design of enemies and great quality graphics. Feel free to download it now.

Funny hell

The world is in danger and only your kid can help. Destroy hilarious demons, take their lunch money, and feel free to laugh at them.  Battle the cunning little demons in 50 tactical levels of cheeky fun.  Destroy their fortress and eat all of their sweets as your way for supremacy.  It’s an all-out battle with pots, fireballs, crosses, and more. Can your child lead a party well enough to come out on top in these fun challenges?

Football World

The most popular sport ever now on your PC for free. High-quality 3D graphics and gameplay will bring you and your kid so much joy. Give your child an opportunity to feel like Ronaldo. There are over 70 national teams to play with. Choose your own country or travel through the footballers. Aim to the goal. Dribble around the opponents, and try to win the championship.

Easy Checkers

Classical checker game. If you are not near your checkerboard or even don’t own one, this is a great way to show your child this legendary game. You played it with your grandparents and now you can teach it to your offspring. Great graphics, amazing music.


We know these popular superheroes like Spiderman, Batman, and Mr. Superman. But what about animals? They also need heroes to help. The farm is in danger. An evil professor is trying to destroy it. However, there is a citizen named Supercow ready to save everyone. Try to stop evil experiments.

All characters in the game are three-dimensional and animated perfectly, emphasizing the individual character of each.  The plot pulls on a full-fledged movie and is revealed by stage productions in the spirit of Tarantino. The main characters were voiced by famous actors.

Get through all the levels in this platformer. Enjoy breathtaking country views while jumping. This game is suitable not only for preschool children but even toddlers. Download it now for free on Gametop.

We hope that our selection will be useful to those parents who first wondered what games their children should play. Enjoy those games for free and download them on Gametop. Hope you will have fun!

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