5 Best Construction Management Software for Estimating

construction management software

When your company starts losing too many bids, it is essential to know the reason why? The problem may be that either you are bidding too high or not evaluating the costs involved. Construction management software is aided with a multitude of features such as project estimating and accounting solutions, time management and more. It assists in preparing the best bid with up-to-date pricing data and several estimating tools to suit the trade or project. In addition to that, the software helps with project management, budgeting and payroll.


Procore is a software application, a cloud-based to help the companies boost their project accountability and efficiency. It is useful for project documentation and communication. Users can collaborate on various projects and see the documents such as RFIs, submittals, contracts, drawings and schedule. All the stakeholders from architects, general contractors, engineers, construction management firms can edit as well as share project data from the job site. The facility owners can see the progress of every project in their portfolios in this general construction bidding software.


It is fully integrated construction management software for the field, and it is available on iPhone, iPad and Android. Small teams can avail free construction application for the field. Unlimited sheets are available when upgraded to a paid plan. It can be integrated well with other software. The app offers the fastest blueprint viewer on the market with a robust task management engine.


STACK is generally an estimating software. The application provides three different levels, and it depends on the business needs. The basic package will cover just the takeoffs, whereas it is a wonderful option for smaller businesses. It provides a quick measure for areas, real-time backup and access from any device. Professional edition of STACK offers the users an extensive library of unlimited reports, industry-specific databases and the capability to import the custom items. Above all, STACK provides the customers with a customizable construction estimating software to prepare better bids.

Sage Estimating

Sage software suite offers Sage Estimating. But you can purchase Sage Estimating outside of the Sage Software Suite. It provides easy integration with project management, payroll, accounting and other such tools. Just like the other systems, it offers pre-built trade databases. This helps in finding the correct database for your venture. These databases cover all the aspects of a bid, and this helps you build the bids faster. The most significant advantage of Sage Estimating is multiple takeoff methods to use the way you are familiar with. Sage users can make bids quicker and use the templates for creating professional bids.


Construction management software provides a central database. With templates and cost structures of Bid2win, users can create professional bids. The project is scalable so that you get features you require and make payment for only those. Another critical feature of Bid2Win is it’s easy to use interface. It minimises the time needed to learn it and makes it easier to use with accounting platform and project management.

Final Words

Know your requirements and go ahead with the best construction management software for estimating for your business.

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