How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Android and iPhone

how to save gifs from twitter

Twitter is an interesting microblogging platform and one of the most popular social media apps. So many funny and hilarious GIFs are shared daily and a regular user must have thought about how to save GIFs from Twitter. It’s common knowledge that you cannot save animated GIFs on Twitter just as you could on other sites. With other websites, you can right-click an image and save it. However, on Twitter, there is no “Save” option in its right menu. This because Twitter converts animated GIFs into short video files to boost the loading times. The distinct disadvantage is that you can’t save these GIFs on your device.

The good news is that we have some ways with which you can download GIFs from Twitter.  Although it’s not aa easy as clicking on a “Download” button, you can still have the GIF with a few steps.

How to Save GIFs on Twitter

We will cover how to save GIFs from Twitter with your Android, iOS device and using a PC.

Use TWEET2GIF for Android

Thanks to developers, you can have access to a free app that makes it easy to download a GIF. It’s also straight forward and easy to understand

This app is known as Tweet2gif, and it allows you to download an animated GIF on your timeline. Begin by scrolling to the tweet that has your preferred GIF on the Twitter app. Tap the tweet to bring down a menu. Choose the More menu option and select the Copy link to the tweet.

how to save gifs from twitter

Head over to Tweet2gif on your Android phone and paste in the link. From here, you can choose to download it either as a GIF file or optionally as the MP4 movie file. The rest is history.

how to save gifs from twitter

Move to Tweet2gif on your Android device and paste the link on the space provided. After this, you can choose to download the file as a GIF or MP4 movie file.

Using GIFwrapped to Download on Your IOS Device

GIFwrapped allows you to download GIFs from your timeline, especially on iPhones or iPads.

The app is free for download on devices that run on iOS 9 or later. Also, it features an iMessage app with which you can make your chats more interesting with animated GIFs.

First, open the Twitter al and scroll to the tweet with your preferred GIF. Tap on the little arrow and choose the “Share Tweet via” option, followed by the “Copy Link to Tweet.” You should receive a confirmation that the link has been copied

Next, open the GIFwrapped app on your iPhone or iPad. Click on the search tab and choose the “Use the Clipboard” option. This action will make the GIF file appear on the screen.

how to save gifs from twitter on iPhone

Click on the file and choose the “Share” option at the top right corner. Then select the “Save to Library” option.

Select the Library button and choose the video you saved. Then, select the “Share” button for the second time.

Finally choose Save to Files, select the Folder and click on Add tab on the upper corner.

And that wraps it up. You can play the GIF by heading to the folder where you saved the animation. The folder can be found in the Folder app.

Convert a downloaded MP4 file

This option works as an alternative if you can’t install Tweet2gif (especially on Windows or MacOS). It may take more work but do not worry as it takes a few minutes.

 You can begin by download the MP4 video file of the GIF on your Twitter timeline. Then convert this video file back to a GIF. Let’s explain better.

You can use to download a GIF from Twitter as a video. Just copy the GIF link and paste on the savedeo search bar and tap Download. On the next screen, tap the smaller “Download” option on the right. Since GIFs are short media files, the MP4 should download within a few minutes.

Next is the conversion process. Head over to and tap Video to GIF in the menu. Search for your saved MP4 file and upload it.

The site will offer many options, but you can skip this part and begin the download. However, it’s advised that you change the frame rate (FPS) to 20 seconds to produce a high-quality GIF. Next, choose to Convert to GIF.

Finally, the animated GIF will appear below. Right-click and save.

Save as a Screen Recording

Creating a GIf file via screen recording is a simple process provided you use ideal apps. One of such apps is Gyazo.

Available on all platforms, Gyazo has a free version which comes with ads, but if you subscribe to the premium service, you will be able to remove the ads. You can also share your files with the app.

Choose the Capture GIF option in the software’s main window and select the part of your timeline on your screen you would like use as your GIF.

You can download the app with this link.

We hope we’ve given you a solution on how to save GIFs from Twitter. Please feel free to share your experiences with any of the sites. Or do you know any other ways to download GIFs from Twitter? You can comment in the box below.


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