Asus Zenfone 6 Launched with 5000mAh battery and Flip Camera

asus zenfone 6

When the Zenfone 6 was designed, its parent’s company Asus intended to create a phone that would meet the needs of the modern consumer. Surprisingly, the brand achieved this goal with the smartphone while making it affordable.

The Zenofone has a 6.4-inch screen which does not have any notch or punch for a selfie camera. Instead, it has a flip mechanism which lets a user point the rear camera forward. This camera includes a 48MP Sony IMX586 sensor and a 13MP ultra-wide angle.

In both rear and selfie modes, the camera can record 4K videos at 60fps with electronic image stabilization. With the rotation mechanism, you can shoot panoramas automatically or keep your subject in the frame. Enhanced and Night Mode improve image quality.

Looking at the screen, it covers 92% of the panel while offering a brightness of 600 nits and supports DCI-PC3. However, the screen does not have a support a fingerprint scanner (which lies on the back panel).

A Snapdragon 855 chipset powers the Zenfone 6. Furthermore, it has 256GB of internal storage and 8GB RAM. It even has dual slots for SIMs and a microSD card.

The smartphone boasts of top-quality dual amplifiers. It also has a pair of ZenEar headphones which you can plug into the 3.5mm jack. If you prefer using wireless speakers, the phone will offer quality aptX HD sound.

A massive 5000mah powers the Asus Zenfone 6. Also, the phone’s charger offers 3,300mAh within an hour of charging. With such features, Asus claims that the battery will last longer. It even eliminates the wireless charging option in a bid to increase battery life.

Out of the box, the ZenUI 6 wraps around the stock Android 9 Pie. Asus also plans to roll out an upgrade to Android 10 Q and will deliver the “11 R”. For a minimum of 2 years, the phone will receive bi-monthly security patches.

A sheet of shock resistant Gorilla Glass 6 protects the front of the smartphone while Corning glass covers the back panel. A frame of 6000- series aluminium covers the middle of the phone.

asus zenfone 6 rotating camera

The flip camera is made with sturdy Liquid Metal and can handle numerous falls. It even closes when dropped on the floor.

Buyers in the EU can purchase the Zenfone 6 for €500. As from May 23, the Zenfone 6 will be available on and major retailers.



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