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Technology plays a major role in education today. It has become the lens through which we view the world around us. Schools are now adopting digital technologies to helps students learn better and smarter too. Tech gadgets make individualized learning possible as well as real word analysis and integration. They provide advancement for classroom technology, as they have become the pen and paper of our time. Preparing students for the future and educating them to be useful to themselves and society today. They are extremely useful to both teachers and students as they reflect the needed change in the educational space. Here are some awesome gadgets for education that make both teaching and learning fun.

Apple’s iPad Pro

Apple has been transforming classroom learning for many years with its high-end gadgets such as the iPad Pro that is capable of accelerating the learning process by exploring the critical learning capabilities through visuals, sound, touch, and motion. With this device, teachers can prepare their students for a technologically driven world of the future. They can use this tool to help students learn lessons from a variety of concepts, such as what is pda? — one of the best gadgets for education in 2019.

3D Printer

It explains the process of additive manufacturing and can be used to explain real-world scenarios and concept to students, such as the cyclical structure, engineering, domains of architecture, and designing.

Many schools are making use of this technology, especially in the area of biology and anatomy. Teachers could use the 3D Printer to create a 3D skull and explain its functions in the human body. This can stimulate learning in the classroom and boost the participation of students.


These are not a new invention in classroom learning technology. Projectors and CD players are an old major common sight in many classrooms, but small projectors that are as wide as the palm are the “new thing.” the iPad or iPhone projector is a mini projector that makes learning and teaching a breeze.

This device can be taken alongside during summer breaks, booth camps, and educational trips with students and recite the Annabel Lee poem. This helps them to acquire “on the spot” knowledge as they travel. It can also be used to perform a variety of tasks on the web such as searching for free essays on In addition, teachers can conveniently use it to illustrate diagrams, historical concepts, and explain the meaning of words such as the story of an hour.


This gadget has been used to increase learning and collaboration in the classroom for ages. The new smart board invention ensures the full integration of media content into classroom learning. They are a newer invention of the conventional classroom white and blackboards. A digital projector is connected to the board, and a touchpad is used to move illustrations and objects as desired on the board. It’s one of those awesome gadgets used in many lectures in 2019. It encourages interactive learning and builds a protagonist personality in students. Smartboards function like whiteboards, whereby the teacher can write on them for better illustration and explanation.

Smart Maker

Teaching without books gives you the freedom of expression you need. If your students love it whenever you explain ideas to them using charts and diagrams on a whiteboard, then the Smart Maker is for you. This is a new invention in classroom technology. A gadget that helps you to capture anything and share with your students in the class.

Smart tables

Tables are no longer meant just for writing using paper and pen. With the advent of smart tables, learning process for kids have been well transformed and digitalized. Information can be placed on tables and explained carefully to students instead of using a pen on whiteboards. The smart tables are a digital display on tables perfect for teaching and illustration for toddlers and teens. It comes loaded with tons of applications and tools that teachers can use to customize learning for each student. Smart tables have enough space for students to come together and learn in groups.

In recent years, these tech gadgets have been the norm in classroom technology. Promoting easy learning and helping students to brace up with the world around them. Developers are not ready to let go, as top companies around the globe are investing in future gadgets to aid the learning process.


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