All 4G LTE Network Bands in Nigeria and Frequencies

4g lte network bands in nigeria

Have you been trying to know all the 4G LTE Network bands in Nigeria and their frequencies? This article will list all available ones and their respective band frequencies.

Recently, 4G LTE networks have become a significant part of the network data services in Nigeria pushing 3G aside. It achieved this feat by offering consumers higher bandwidths and improved network responsiveness.

This trend pushes tech companies to launch smartphones that support this network. With the availability of this service, consumers should know if their network provider provides 4G tech for its customers.

With this article, we want to show you the various 4G LTE network bands in Nigeria and their frequencies. This knowledge will guide you on which carrier you should subscribe to if you own a 4G enabled device.

List of 4G LTE Network Bands in Nigeria and Frequencies

Here are various 4G networks in Nigeria:

MTN 4G LTE Bands Frequency

Seen as the most extensive network carrier in Nigeria, MTH offers 4G LTE services. The provider supports only band 7 (2600MHz) & 20 (8000MHz). Thus, if you own an MTN sim card, ensure your phone or tablet works with this frequency.

Glo 4G LTE Band Frequency

Glo is another big name in the telecoms industry. The company provides 4G LTE services to its numerous customers all over the country. Unlike MTN, Glo supports a single band, band 28 (7000MHz), which few devices can use.

9Mobile 4G LTE Band Frequency

Formerly known as Etisalat, 9Mobile supports band 3 (1800MHz). It has taken steps to ensure this 4G LTE network is accessible to its various consumers across most if not all parts of Nigeria. Ensure your smartphone or device can support this frequency.

Airtel 4G LTE Band Frequency

Next on this list is Airtel. However, this brand was the last to include 4G LTE to its services. It supports band 3 (1800MHz). Most devices will work with this frequency.

SMILE 4G LTE Band Frequency

Smile, another network provider also provides 4G LTE services. However, it supports only band 20 (800MHz).

SWIFT 4G Band Frequency

Swift includes 4G LTE network in its data services. It supports band 40 (2300MHz)

NTel 4G LTE Bands Frequency

Initially known as Nitel, NTel also offers 4G LTE services across various parts of Nigeria. Unlike most carriers, the company provides two bands. The bands include band 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz)

SPECTRANET 4G Band Frequency

Spectranet follows the trend of most service providers by offering a single band, band 40 (2300MHz).

Final Thoughts

4G services enable faster downloads and streaming services. However, you can enjoy these services using a compatible device. You can share with us your experiences with any of the networks in the comment box below.

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