You Can Now Cross-post a Reel from Instagram to Facebook

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Despite the recent criticism Instagram has attracted for trying to be like TikTok, the company is pressing on by adding new features to Reels. In a video shared on Tuesday, company head Adam Mosseri said Instagram will be rolling out a cross-post feature for Reels to Facebook.

In February, Meta described Reels as its “fastest-growing content format by far.” A feature that is a copycat of TikTok, Mosseri said users who have accounts on Instagram and Facebook will be able to cross-post on both platforms. Cross-posting a Reel will make it appear on both platforms at the same time thereby giving it more reach.

Apart from the ability to cross-post Reels to Facebook, the company is also rolling out new improved insights for Reels on Facebook – reach, average watch time, total view time, and “things that can hopefully help you understand how your Reels are performing on Facebook,” Mosseri added. The third feature is the “Add Yours” sticker which has now been added to Reels. Instagram introduced the Add Yours sticker to Stories last November and the company said “it’s been doing quite well” so far. The Add Yours sticker will now be available to Reels and creators who start a trend will get an attribution which can be turned off by them.

Instagram is determined to make the platform video-first and it will keep on pushing Reels to make sure people post more video content. Earlier in August Mosseri said the company will soon start testing ultra-tall 9:16 photos.

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