When Is It Worth Repairing A Phone & When to Let Go!

repair and replace old phone

Having a phone that is old, slow, not working or even just not as on-trend as your friends or colleagues can be anywhere between annoying and unbearable. So, when is it time to give up and completely swap for new and when do we keep the old block and give it a new lease of life or a 2nd chance?

What Is the Value of The Phone?

One good place to start is to look at the value of your old phone. What would you get for selling it if you decided to get rid of it this way? You can easily check on a number of sites such as webuyanyphone what they would give you for your old handset, or check what your model is selling for on eBay or Craigslist type sites.

Are You an Early Adopter?

Are you usually an early adopter of the latest device? If this is the case then the value of the old phone is very much a secondary concern for you. Your take up of a new device is likely to be driven by release date and not on whether the old device is viable anymore or not. This means it will be expensive but you can be somewhat smart about trying to make this expense as little as possible, try and get a contract that will run out as the next device is likely to be coming out to avoid having to ‘buy-out’ your contract.

Is the Issue Easily (and cheaply) Fixed?

Sometimes you will have a phone that has a seemingly unsurpassable issue such as low battery life, slow processing or physical damage such as a cracked screen. But you can replace the battery on most devices even if it seems you can’t, phones can have operating systems reinstalled or even cracked screens can be replaced. Check with a reputable repair firm such as batteries shack iPhone repair to get a quote before rushing out to get a new phone.

Will the Old Handset Be Used For Anything Else?

It’s also good to consider if you can get any use out of an old phone handset other than as a phone? Well yes is the simple answer, you can use it as a media device for the kids to watch cartoons on, use as CCTV or even a dashboard cam. Be creative and don’t let your old device go to waste.

Are You Out of Contract?

If you are out of contract then shop around and see if you can get a better deal, with a better phone and if you can get that phone for free? If you don’t want the absolute latest handset the day it comes out you can find fantastic deals and most often you won’t have to pay anything at all for this. If you don’t do this you can easily find yourself paying for a device that has already been paid off as a large part of your contract is the finance on that device.

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