Uber Nigeria – Driver Requirements, How to Join and Customer Care

uber nigeria

Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed a rise in ride-hailing services. This comes as no surprise as this innovation brings numerous benefits such as comfort, safety, and flexibility to both the driver and the passenger.

Uber stands as one of the top ridesharing companies in major cities across the country, offering such services. It even comes as a means of livelihood for thousands of people looking as it provides steady driving jobs.

Since the service offers payments to drivers on its platforms, joining the Uber is a great idea. However, many people are confused about the requirements they should fulfil before they can make money with their vehicles.

Fortunately, this post will tell you everything about Uber Nigeria and its car requirements. It helps you answer the popular “How can I join Uber Nigeria” question. Now let’s get started.

Introducing Uber Nigeria

Unlike most ride sharing brands in Nigeria, Uber is an American transportation company which was launched in 2009. After many years of operating in countries such as Mexico, China, India, Canada, and France, it opened a branch in Nigeria.

uber nigeria
uber nigeria

Presently the company has offices in Lagos and Nigeria with thousands of drivers and consumers in these cities. Now let’s show the various requirements you should fulfil before you can make money as a driver on the platform.

Which Cars Are Accepted by Uber Nigeria?

To ensure the safety and comfort of its drivers and passengers, Uber has a list of conditions which all cars on its platforms must fulfil. Below are the must haves:

  • Model year 2009 or newer
  • 4-door car
  • Excellent condition with no cosmetic damage
  • A working radio
  • 4-door sedan in good condition
  • Seat at least four passengers in addition to the driver
  • Working windows and air conditioning
  • No full-sized vans or trucks
  • No taxicabs, government cars, or other marked vehicles
  • No salvaged or rebuilt vehicles

Recommended cars for this service include:

  • Toyota – Corolla, Camry
  • Kia – Rio
  • Honda – Accord, Civic, Element
  • Hyundai – Elantra, Sonata, Tucson

What Are the Uber Requirements for Drivers?

Apart from offering strict conditions for the type of vehicles allowed on the platform, Uber also provides requirements for drivers/partners that intend to be part of the service.

  •  All drivers should have a valid driving license for Nigeria
  • They should also own a valid vehicle insurance cover, vehicle roadworthiness certificate, LASDRI card (for Lagos drivers) and a vehicle inspection report.
  • They are required to complete a Safety Screening
  • They should watch a short Uber training video
  • They should be at least 21 years of age
  • Provide a driver profile photo. Must be a forward-facing, centred photo including the driver’s full face and top of shoulders, with no sunglasses.

Steps to Join Uber Nigeria

As soon as you and vehicle meet Uber’s criteria, you can quickly become a driver/ partner with the following steps.

Setup a Driver’s Account

Create a profile by visiting https://www.uber.com/en-NG/drive/requirements/. Click on the Sign Up Now Button and follow the instructions. Here you will input details about your bank account, driver, and vehicle.

Upload your Vehicle Documents

Here you will need to upload your vehicle documents to your profile.

Book an Onboarding Session

At this point, Uber will inspect your vehicle and test your thinking skills as a prospective partner at selected venues. Prospective drivers are required to appear in formal attire (no jeans).

You can contact any of their offices in Lagos or Abuja for more information about stage.


Retail unit no. 5. Second upper floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road

Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4pm, Friday: 9am – 3pm


Top Floor, Jabi Lake Mall, Bala Sokoto Way, Abuja.

Office hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 4pm, Friday: 9am – 3pm

Wait for Uber Background Checks

Uber takes your documents and performs a comprehensive background check to see if you have any previous criminal record or committed any traffic offenses. This process takes within 2 to 4 weeks.

Collect an Uber Cell Phone

Once you have completed the above steps. You will be offered an Uber issued phone with the Uber Driver app on it. With this app; you will be able to get passengers. You can also use the app on your smartphone if you wish.

Uber Rates in Nigeria

For riders, the cost of a trip with Uber Nigeria should in any Nigerian city falls between #400 to #10000 naira. However, these rates depend on the distance travelled as well as the time spent in traffic. This means the longer you spend on the road, the more money you have to pay.

To have an accurate Uber Rate, follow these steps:

Visit https://www.uber.com/ng/en/price-estimate/

Enter your pickup location i.e., starting point e.g., Surulere

Enter your destination e.g., Ikeja

The rate will appear automatically appear under the boxes where you added your pickup and destination details. You can also check the prices on the Uber app which you can download with this link.

If your passengers decide to change their destination during a trip, the rates will change. Also, if they cancel a trip after you accepted to pick them up, they will be required to pay a cancellation fee of a #1000.

Uber Nigeria Customer Care

You can contact the Uber Nigeria customer care via its Twitter handle @UberNigeria.

You can also contact the customer service on the Uber Driver app with the following steps.

  • Open your Uber Driver app
  • Tap Help
  • Tap the blue phone icon
  • Tap Call Support

How Much Can You Make as a Driver with Uber Nigeria?

Uber takes 25% of the fare while the partner keeps 75%. For instance, if you earn #10000 per day; Uber deducts #2500. Overall, a driver should make within #40,000 – #100000 a week.

However, your income depends on the following:

  1. Location: Areas with high populations and good roads tend to have more riders. You can also get more clients from malls, hotels, and shopping centres.
  2. Time: Rush hours are a great time to have more passengers. You also make more money as a full-time driver than as a part-time one.
  3. Occasional bonuses offered by Uber.


And that’s how you can become an Uber Driver. You can get additional information by visiting any of their offices or sending a tweet to their handle.


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