How to Secure Your Internet and Enhance the Privacy Protection with iTop VPN

itop vpn

iTop VPN is a recently launched software that rapidly gains users’ attention due to the many unique features for free while others do not. This software allows you to freely open any content without any restrictions and protect your online privacy and personal data. It can help you conceal your real IP address and secure your location, identity, and online activity without compromising speed. It doesn’t matter if users want to play high-quality graphic games without interference, access restricted websites from the region, streaming, or harassing. It is the only VPN that helps you with the best speed, security and zero bandwidth caps in every situation.

Why do users need an iTop VPN?

Hackers not only hack your data but also steal your exact location, which they may later misuse. So if you want to avoid such situations, always try to go with a reliable VPN like iTop VPN, which gives you access to private internet and your behind the fake IP address. It also helps hide real IP and encrypts your network data, allowing you to hide your location, identity and online activities from hackers.

itop vpn

A good VPN is fast, offers good encryption, and lets you browse any website in the world. And the top VPN checks all these boxes. Here are the key features you get when installing iTop VPN for Windows on your computer.

Faster Speed & Unlimited Bandwidth

The best feature of ITop VPN is that it offers high speed without any bandwidth restrictions. In simple words, there is no fair usage policy that slows down your internet speed when you exceed certain data limits.

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1000+ Proxy Servers

It doesn’t matter where you live, what country you want to connect to. The iTop VPN servers all over the world will be there for you. Covering almost all world countries, you can connect to any of them based on your membership.

Advanced Encryption

iTop VPN provides customers with a new level of security and encryption policy. It guarantees anonymity, and with its military-grade protection, you can easily protect yourself from hackers and any cyber threats. It also has a Kill Switch feature, ensuring that your real identity will never be exposed online. Even if your internet connection is failed, it will automatically disconnect it.

Three connection modes

There are three different ways to connect to iTop VPN. Safeguard mode for extreme safety for those who care most about their privacy policy. Balance mode is for those users who want a balance between security and features. And a game mode for high-speed streaming and gaming. All three are customizable for their specific use cases. So, you can choose one of them based on your needs.

How to use iTop VPN?

First of all, download the app from iTop VPN official website. Once the download is complete, double click on the file from the download folder and install it. Now, you can freely connect the VPN for the window.

Pros and Cons of iTop VPN


  • Great speeds
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • Kill switch
  • Excellent security
  • Use on five devices


  • Some free servers feel sluggish due to overload.


iTop VPN offers a convenient VPN service that meets all of the VPN’s general needs, such as access to blocked websites, streaming or better ticket prices based on regions. iTop VPN has proven its ability to retain its users’ data.

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