PR Blockchain Tips: Creating Content That Converts

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Content is a crowded game these days. There are millions of YouTube creators, Medium blog posts, Instagram stories, and Reddit threads cropping up every day. Nevertheless, creating content is the core pillar of any PR blockchain strategy for digital businesses like token-based platforms or decentralized ecosystems.

The only way to stand out from your competitors is to create quality content that truly connects with the audience and converts readers and viewers into buyers and users.  Here are some of the ways you can create top-notch content for your startup business right away:

Make decisions based on data

Data could serve as a competitive edge in a world where it’s so easy to create and distribute content. A little time spent on discovering the right keywords, comparing your content lineup to your competitors, and figuring out which headlines and search terms are gaining traction with people within your target audience could go a long way towards improving your conversion rate.

Some of the best tools for digital marketing research are free, including Google Trends, Buzzsumo, and Ahrefs, but if you want to take your content creation strategy to the next level you may have to invest in premium tools that provide deeper insights and more actionable data.

Speak to your audience to see what clicks

Directly engaging with the audience to figure out the hot-button topics and gaps in information could be a great way to come up with uniquely powerful content. Simply reaching out to influencers on Twitter, speaking to industry leaders at a conference, or joining a Telegram group to see what the audience likes and shares could be a great way to bolster your PR blockchain strategy

Pay attention to the headline

There’s a lot that the humble headline needs to do. It needs to convey information, create urgency, position the writer, seem relevant, generate curiosity, and convey the fact that the article is worth reading.

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Packing all that into a single, short line is often the most difficult part of creating any form of content. Missing the mark could render even the best piece of content invisible online.

To create the best headlines, use Buzzsumo to see which headlines in your niche performed best. Try A/B testing the list of potential topics and headlines you have in mind on a social platform like Reddit or through a software platform. Include elements like odd numbers and emotive words that tend to perform well on search engines, and always make sure the headline is concise enough to fit on any screen size. 

Create a flow that leads to action

Perhaps the best way to convert readers and viewers into buyers and users is to structure your content in a way that leads to action. If you’re writing an article, for example, try to discuss the problem before you describe the solution and finally mention what your team can offer in context. Similarly, for videos, engage the audience first and then lead to the sales pitch section with calls to action towards the end.

This flow keeps the audience engaged and could noticeably boost your overall conversion rate.

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